Juniper WAN Solutions 

Title slide with a photograph of a woman touching a screen at an airport. Text says, “WAN Solutions,” AI-Driven SD-WAN,” “Juniper Mist AI,” and “with Session Smart™.”

Your WAN: From weak link to enterprise asset

Insight, automation, action — these are three ways Juniper WAN solutions can transform your WAN into a reliable user-experience advantage. Watch this short video to understand how Juniper can make it happen.

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You’ll learn

  • How to ensure your SD-WAN provides simple, yet effective security 

  • Ways Juniper solutions optimize, safeguard, and simplify operations 

  • How Juniper helps you transition to a secure and modern WAN architecture 

Who is this for?

Business Leaders Network Professionals



0:00 as our industry transitions to 5g and

0:02 cloud adopting an automation-led

0:04 approach that simplifies operations and

0:07 guarantees service quality is more

0:09 important than ever

0:10 juniper networks enables you to enrich

0:12 your user experience across the wide

0:15 area network with insight automation and

0:18 action

0:19 here's how

0:25 ai-driven sd-wan which is built on

0:27 missed ai and session smart technology

0:30 enables you to optimize user experiences

0:32 simplify operations and safeguard your

0:35 business from client to cloud

0:37 it eliminates the inherent

0:39 inefficiencies and cost constraints of

0:41 legacy solutions reducing bandwidth

0:43 consumption by 30 percent while

0:45 delivering resilient wan connectivity

0:48 zero trust session integrity secure

0:50 vector routing and deny by default

0:53 access policies also ensure your juniper

0:56 sd-wan provides simple effective

0:58 security

0:59 the wan is critical in delivering the

1:01 uptime resilience and agility for

1:04 organizations to scale and adapt across

1:06 their operations as their businesses

1:08 change

1:09 juniper's enterprise wan solution

1:11 empowers customers to make a smooth

1:13 transition to a modernized architecture

1:15 that's flexible automated secure and

1:18 resilient

1:19 service experience across the wan is a

1:22 critical differentiator for network

1:23 operators whether you're an enterprise

1:26 it organization service provider or

1:28 cloud provider

1:30 it's not enough to keep pace with end

1:31 user expectations you have to exceed

1:34 them

1:34 we call this experience first networking

1:37 and it's the foundation on which we're

1:39 building the next generation of

1:41 enterprise networks

1:43 [Music]

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