Massimo Carboni, CTO, Consortium GARR

GARR Uses Automation to Speed Network Service Delivery to Italy’s Research and Education Institutions

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Why upgrade your WAN to 40 Tbs? Find out in this case study.

Four million people across thousands of Italian education, research, and cultural organizations rely on the GARR Italian research and education network for high-performance and advanced network services. To maintain its service excellence while meeting evolving user requirements, GARR is building an automated 40-Tbps nationwide network with Juniper.

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You’ll learn

  • Why GARR chose Juniper Networks for its upgrade to 40 Tbs

  • Ways users rely on the GARR WAN for research across Italy

  • Challenges the GARR NetOps team faces — and how Juniper helps solve them

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Massimo Carboni Headshot
Massimo Carboni
CTO, Consortium GARR


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