Juniper Apstra Demo: HashiCorp® Terraform® Provider for Apstra

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Discover a better way to build a data center fabric to handle AI workloads.

Did you know you can build an AI-ready data center fabric in a matter of minutes with the Terraform provider for Juniper Apstra? Watch this demo to discover how to automate Apstra using Terraform configuration files instead of using the UI.

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You’ll learn

  • How to create a blueprint in the Terraform provider for Apstra

  • About Apstra benefits, such as Day 0 through Day 2+ provisioning automation and reliable and executable documentation that can easily be version controlled at the source

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0:00 [Music]

0:05 with juniper abstra's terraform provider

0:08 we can now use terraform to automate

0:11 abstra with terraform configuration

0:13 files I'm going to show you how to build

0:15 a data center fabric suitable for AI

0:17 workloads using terraform instead of

0:20 using the UI

0:21 first we have a bunch of design elements

0:23 that need to be created or picked before

0:25 we create our data center

0:27 logical devices represent individual

0:30 switches their speeds profiles and

0:32 number of ports

0:34 we also need to design our racks before

0:36 we can build a Data Center and then

0:38 assign them to a template which

0:40 represents how our data center will look

0:42 once we have those elements we can

0:44 create a representation of the data

0:46 center called a blueprint

0:49 if we hop over to our terraform files we

0:52 can see those same items are reflected

0:54 here we have our racks we have our

0:56 templates we have our logical devices

0:58 and finally we have our blueprint

1:01 what I'm going to do now is to run a

1:03 terraform apply

1:06 that's going to take all of the

1:08 configuration that we need to build our

1:10 AI ready Data Center and push it out to

1:12 abstra and create our data center config

1:16 here terraform is telling us what

1:18 changes it's going to make in terms of

1:20 adding logical devices racks templates

1:22 and finally a blueprint let's agree and

1:26 watch it run

1:29 once we get to completion we can hop

1:32 over and take a look at what our

1:33 blueprint looks like

1:36 and we are done this took a little bit

1:39 longer because it's a virtual

1:40 environment

1:41 I've sped it up for you but now we can

1:44 see that we've created a brand new

1:45 blueprint we've also created the

1:48 individual rack types as I mentioned so

1:50 we've got different rack types that we

1:52 could have chosen

1:53 we selected a particular rack type of 16

1:56 spines and 320 leaves

2:00 we built this in just a few minutes

2:01 using terraform let's hop into the

2:04 blueprint and take a look at what we've

2:06 done

2:13 we can see our positively massive 16

2:16 spine AI ready data center here in our

2:19 staged configuration

2:23 one would only need to fill out

2:24 information which you could do with

2:27 terraform for ASN and IP address

2:29 information and add Hardware

2:32 if we had the hardware required we could

2:35 push this configuration and have a data

2:37 center ready to start spinning up

2:39 workloads

2:40 thank you for watching this demo

2:46 [Music]

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