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Juniper Apstra’s Graph Explorer eliminates the need for manual graph queries.

Good news: Manual graph queries are a thing of the past with Juniper Apstra® software—and no knowledge of graph language is required. With the new database query interface, writing a graph query is now as simple as clicking a button, adding value by creating new intent-based analytics probes and graph queries to use in your own code when developing automation against the Apstra API.

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You’ll learn

  • How to build out a query based on the information you want to see using existing queries or simple modifications to suit your needs

  • How graph queries can aid in automation and in monitoring additional aspects of the data center fabric

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0:04 [Music]

0:08 the graph database can be considered the

0:10 backbone of juniper abstra's solution it

0:13 contains all of the information about

0:15 your data center Fabric and the

0:17 interrelationships between all of the

0:19 components within that fabric

0:21 starting with abstra 4.2 we have

0:24 released an even easier way to interact

0:26 with the graph database with our new

0:29 graph Explorer writing a graph query is

0:31 as easy as clicking a button without

0:34 needing to know a graph language

0:36 the value behind this comes into play

0:38 for numerous reasons but two keys are

0:41 that it adds value by creating new

0:43 intent-based analytics probes and

0:46 creating graph queries to use in your

0:48 own code when you are developing

0:49 automation against the abstra API

0:52 prior to this Edition you can manually

0:55 create a graph query but this was

0:57 something difficult for users you can

1:00 see an example here

1:03 now we have a graphical option that lets

1:06 you build out your own query based on

1:08 what information you want to see

1:16 we have some existing queries that you

1:19 can use out of the box or you can modify

1:21 to what suit your particular needs

1:26 these can form the basis for new probes

1:28 customized for your environment for

1:30 example let's take a look at this

1:32 predefined query this will show you all

1:35 of the ESI links within the fabric

1:38 you can build this out using the GUI and

1:41 then you can edit it either textually or

1:44 within the GUI and execute it

1:47 since I clicked the play button

1:48 previously it's already been executed

1:51 for us

1:52 we can see the results of our graph

1:54 query all of the ESI links within the

1:57 fabric as well as any Associated

1:58 information

2:00 this is a very powerful tool for

2:02 analytics and development and helps

2:04 operators quickly and efficiently create

2:07 graph queries to Aid in automation or

2:09 monitoring additional aspects of their

2:11 fabric thank you for watching this demo

2:14 [Music]

2:17 thank you

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