Juniper Apstra Demo: Add a New Server to Your Data Center

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The title slide shows the demo title in black text on a white background. It reads, “Juniper Apstra Demo: Add Server.” There are two sets of green squiggly lines on either side of the title and the Juniper logo is featured in the top right corner.

Add a server in less time than it takes to tie your shoes.

Follow along as we demonstrate what a breeze it is to add a new server to a data center fabric using Apstra, Juniper’s automated network management tool. 

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You’ll learn

  • How you can simply copy or add a new system to an existing rack 

  • How to select an interface to attach the server to 

  • How to commit the change and add a note to record and identify it

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:01 [Music]

0:08 let's take a look at how easy it is to

0:09 add a new server to our installation in

0:12 the example we have an instance of

0:14 appstr managing philadelphia data center

0:17 in the staged tab we can see we have two

0:20 leaf switches in one rack

0:23 one in another with one server

0:25 so let's add another server here

0:27 so we'll click into the leaf then click

0:30 add link

0:33 what we can do is simply copy or we can

0:36 add a new system to this rack so let's

0:38 just copy the profile that we had before

0:41 because we have similar servers in each

0:43 rack

0:48 and pick an existing server

0:57 and then we need to select an interface

0:58 to attach this to we'll do xe006

1:03 confirm

1:04 click submit

1:06 going back to the configuration in the

1:08 staged tab we can see our new server

1:10 popping in right there

1:12 it's yellow because we have not

1:13 committed the change yet so let's go to

1:16 uncommitted tab and click commit

1:18 it's recommended to add a note so we can

1:21 record and identify this change

1:29 appstr now takes the intended

1:31 configuration which is to add a new

1:33 server

1:34 then push it down to the associated

1:36 fabric devices

1:38 so if we take a look at our active

1:40 configuration in the active tab we can

1:42 now see that we have an additional

1:44 server inside of rac2

1:48 thank you very much

1:49 [Music]

1:57 you

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