DIY Data Center Network Automation Industry Survey Results

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Image showing the words “Only 3%”. The 3% is in white with a orange circle around it.  At the bottom is says “From Analysys Mason, in partnership with Juniper Networks”

Many organizations employ a DIY approach to automate their DC networking infrastructure using substantial in-house development resources and available open-source tools and technologies. Juniper Networks partnered with Analysys Mason to conduct a comprehensive survey of CSPs, Enterprises and Cloud Providers to unveil the reality of taking a DIY approach to DC automation.

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You’ll learn

  • Only 3% of respondents are satisfied with DIY

  • 53% wish they’d chosen a third-party vendor

Who is this for?

Business Leaders Network Professionals


0:00 do you wonder how other organizations

0:02 like yours are automating their data

0:05 centers

0:06 we spoke with people from around the

0:09 world we asked them about the things

0:10 that mattered to them the things they've

0:13 learned and what they do differently

0:14 then we asked just how automated is your

0:18 data center and how does it vary across

0:20 different types of organizations what's

0:23 stopping you automating more

0:29 what tools do you use today and where do

0:32 they come from

0:33 [Music]

0:36 what prevents them from being more

0:39 effective

0:42 what's the difference between building

0:44 your own DIY tools and using third-party

0:48 vendors

0:49 third-party tools mean less cost

0:52 less effort

0:54 less staff less intervention

0:58 so that's why only three percent of

1:01 people felt they'd made the right

1:03 decision to adopt their own tools and 53

1:06 said that they would choose a

1:07 third-party vendor find out more about

1:10 how your data center operations Stack Up

1:13 and how to improve them now

1:17 [Music]

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