Zoom Failover Demo with Bandwidth Savings Report 

Demo Drop AI & MLSD-WAN
Image of the host in the upper left corner, with a slide showing a network diagram demonstrating Zoom Failover Demo with Bandwidth Savings Report. From left to right, the diagram text says, “ZOOM Meeting Participant. SSR Branch. Access Zoom client. Modify WAN-MPLS Quality.” Center text says, “Backup Internet. Primary WAN-MPLS. View Analytics. SSR HQ. Zoom Service SLA. Latency < 100ms. Jitter < 50 ms. Packet Loss <5%.” Right-side text, “Zoom Meeting Host.”

Don’t let a Zoom failover impact your users’ experiences

Check out this demo for an overview of a Zoom Failover and how to read a Bandwidth Savings Report using the Session Smart Router (SSR). See firsthand how the bandwidth savings can add up for your business. 

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You’ll learn

  • How the SSR maintains a user experience during latency (that’s it’s #1 job) 

  • How the SSR provides visibility and analytics at the bits and bytes level (that’s it’s #2 job) 

  • How you can save upwards of 30–50% on bandwidth using secure vector routing

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders