Wired Assurance: Day 0 - Greenfield Onboarding

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Screen capture from Wired Assurance demo video. A dashboard interface shows a pop-up box with the text "Claim switches and activate subscriptions" at the top and fields for activation code, switch name, and password.

Onboard your Greenfield Switch

Onboarding a Greenfield EX Switch is simple. Watch this Wired Assurance Day 0 demo to see how to onboard your ZTP-enabled, cloud-ready EX Switch to Juniper Mist Cloud by entering a claim code.

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You’ll learn

  • Locating the switches tab on your inventory page

  • Entering your switch’s unique claim code

  • Onboarding your EX Switch to Juniper Mist Cloud

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals



0:00 [Music]

0:06 onboarding a green field cloud ready ex

0:09 switch is simple

0:10 in your inventory page find the switches

0:13 tab

0:15 click on claim switches type in your

0:17 switch's unique claim code

0:18 which can be found near the qr code at

0:21 the front of the switch

0:22 alternatively you can also enter an

0:24 activation code

0:26 which pulls all your newly purchased

0:27 juniper hardware from one order

0:29 rather than adding individual switch

0:31 codes

0:32 add and check for your desired settings

0:34 such as site assignment

0:36 and configuration management click claim

0:39 and the switch has been added to the

0:42 site

0:45 the ex3400 has been added

0:49 in the site view you should see the

0:51 switch appropriately assigned

0:53 notice that red indicates the switch is

0:55 offline but will turn green once it

0:57 comes

0:58 online the switch is cloud managed and

1:00 accounted for as part of the health

1:02 metrics above

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