Expanded Marvis Conversation Interface with ChatGPT


Juniper has expanded Marvis' conversational interface with ChatGPT to deliver more human-like conversational capabilities, particularly regarding documentation and support issues.
See documentation for Marvis Actions

Marvis also provides assured user experience with Zoom integration, learn more here.

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You’ll learn

  • ChatGPT integration with Marvis, Virtual Network Assistant  

  • Conversational Interface expansion 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 Marvis is an AI-powered virtual network  assistant that becomes part of your IT team,  

0:11 bringing human-like conversational capabilities.  Now Marvis integrates with ChatGPT, bringing you  

0:18 technical documentation to your fingertips. With  access to Juniper's complete documentation and  

0:23 support issues knowledgebase, Marvis provides  concise, detailed responses to queries. 

0:28 Want to know how to set up a campus fabric?  Simply ask Marvis. In addition to displaying  

0:33 the ChatGPT-powered response, Marvis  lists additional useful resources.

0:38 Visit the link below to learn more!

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