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The AI Episode with Bob Friday

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Dec 08, 2023

What does AI’s meteoric rise mean for channel marketing?

AI remains the big topic in the tech world; but it’s still shrouded in a touch of mystery and uncertainty. Join Tina and Harry for a fascinating conversation with AI visionary Bob Friday, Juniper Networks' Chief AI Officer, CTO, and the creator of Marvis.

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You’ll learn

  • What AI’s meteoric rise means for channel marketing

  • What applications channel partners should be helping on right now

  • How will AI be regulated—and who will do the best job

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Harry Radcliffe Headshot
Harry Radcliffe
Audio Specialist, together
Tina O’Dell Headshot
Tina O’Dell
Director of Global Channel Marketing, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Bob Friday Headshot
Bob Friday
Chief AI Officer and CTO, Juniper Networks