Harry Radcliffe, Audio Specialist, together and Tina O’Dell, Director of Global Channel Marketing at Juniper Networks

The Unconventional Marketing Episode

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Jan 26, 2024

Break Through the Noise: Getting Your Brand’s Message in Front of the Right People

The Unconventional Marketing Episode of our Channel Chats podcast goes beyond emails, events, and social media posts and makes the case for coloring outside the lines. What about doing something unexpected to get your message out and generate interest? We’ll share examples of the best ideas and help you make a splash.

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You’ll learn

  • Unconventional marketing tactics for in-person and virtual events, emails, and beyond

  • Conventional marketing practices to avoid

Who is this for?

Business Leaders


Tina O’Dell Headshot
Tina O’Dell
Director of Global Channel Marketing, Juniper
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Harry Radcliffe
Audio Specialist, together