Cloud Customer Certification Lab

Our Cloud Customer Certification Lab (Cloud CCL) is a versatile web-based testing platform that emulates your real-life networks, topologies, configurations, and traffic flows. You can reduce your cost and mitigate risk by using Cloud CCL to validate new business services, features, upgrades, and changes before you deploy them on your production network.

Cloud CCL lets you:

  • Instantly build a virtualized model of your production network in a cloud environment.
  • Virtually replicate physical networks comprising virtual devices and testing tools that use the Junos operating system.
  • Automate your test cycle with minimal investment.

Cloud CCL is the virtual counterpart to our physical CCL. We recommend that you use Cloud CCL for functional and control plane testing, while our physical CCL is best for testing solutions based on use cases in scaled environments.

Ready When You Need It

Cloud CCL supports our vMX Virtual RoutervSRX Virtual FirewallJunos SpaceJuniper Secure Analytics, and leading third-party traffic generators. The lab is available around the clock and hosted in dedicated data centers owned and operated by Juniper.

Cloud CCL can help you maintain your competitive edge. Use it to test and validate your deployments, while keeping your costs down and your network running smoothly.

Key Features

  • Virtualized test environment as a service
  • Realistic scenario
  • Just-in-time provisioning
  • Test automation
  • Managed version

Features + Benefits

Reduced time to deployment

Dramatically improve project times by using virtualized components

Achieved scalability and flexibility

Dynamically change network designs and configurations to mimic production networks— typically unfeasible with physical networks

Realized cost savings

Avoid capital expenditures related to the acquisition of testing infrastructure while reducing operational expenses

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Building a New SDN and NFV Network Service Infrastructure with Juniper

Orange Business Services is a global IT and communications services provider with customers in 220 countries. Connectivity services are at the heart of its offerings, representing a third of its business. The provider partnered with Juniper to deliver more agile services through automation and virtualization.

Comparable Products

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Cloud Customer Certification Lab

Web-based testing platform that lets users build a virtualized model of their production network in a cloud environment to validate new features, upgrades, and changes.


Technical Features
  • Virtualized test environment as a service
  • Realistic scenario
  • Just-in-time provisioning
  • Test automation
  • Managed version
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Juniper Sky Enterprise

Juniper Sky Enterprise provides easy cloud-based management to reduce costs and simplify enterprise networks deploying Juniper switching and security products.

Technical Features
  • Centralize network management on one dashboard. Easily deploy, configure, and manage switches and firewalls within hours for immediate visibility and control. You can reduce management costs by accelerating time to deployment.
  • Strengthen cybersecurity by seeing threats in real time. When you integrate Sky Enterprise with Juniper’s security products, you also get state-of-the art monitoring and reporting.
  • Eliminate software maintenance cycles as a cloud-based service to ease network administration and costs.
  • Integrate with other systems for multiplatform and multivendor architectures.
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