About Juniper

Juniper Network’s Commitment to GDPR Readiness

Juniper Networks is committed to complying with applicable privacy laws wherever we do business. As part of this resolve, Juniper is prioritizing compliance with the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will be fully effective on May 25, 2018. Juniper has established a global project to prepare for GDPR, both for our internal processes and for our products and services.

Juniper welcomes the GDPR as an important step forward in unifying data protection requirements across the EU and an opportunity for Juniper to demonstrate our commitment to data protection and network security generally.

Similar to existing data protection laws, compliance with the GDPR requires an explicit alignment of privacy expectations between Juniper and our customers, employees and suppliers. Juniper is committed to achieving compliance with the GDPR in the delivery of our products and services to our customers and assisting our customers’ own efforts to comply with the GDPR.

We have closely analyzed the requirements of the GDPR and are working to make enhancements to our products, contracts, and documentation to support this mission. As part of our GDPR project, Juniper is enhancing its ongoing commitment to privacy by design by embedding data protection principles into its business processes, products and services so that technical and organizational security measures limit, by default, the amount of personal data collected and used to what is specifically required or authorized. This work will also strengthen controls already in place to limit access to personal data and prevent personal data from being inadvertently shared with others.

Additionally, Juniper is focusing on the following key steps to achieve GDPR compliance:

  • Identifying, mapping and documenting the systems and third parties that process personal data subject to the GDPR to ensure adequate controls are in place to protect this data;
  • Putting in place updated data processing agreements with vendors who process personal data on our behalf, requiring the protection of data as we are required to protect it ourselves;
  • Verifying that notices of data processing and mechanisms for obtaining consent at the time of data collection are adequate to meet the GDPR requirements;
  • Enabling Juniper and its customers and partners to respond promptly to requests by data subjects to access, correct and, where appropriate, delete, such data; and
  • Continuing to ensure that personal data is processed only for the purposes for which it was collected and for only so long as those purposes remain valid, taking into consideration all applicable laws.

These steps reflect fundamental principles underlying the GDPR and data protection laws around the world and Juniper looks forward to working with its customers to ensure these principles are followed.