About Juniper

Inclusion and Diversity


Juniper Networks connects people all over the world. We help them share information and exchange ideas. But we understand that connection is about more than networks: It’s about how we connect with each other.

  • Values

    “As a company of innovators, we believe that creating simplicity through engineering is the highest form of innovation. Fostering a workforce that’s diverse and inclusive infuses our thinking with different perspectives, bringing fresh ideas that are vital for innovation.”
    Rami Rahim
    CEO, Juniper Networks

    The task of delivering a network in the digital transformation era pivots on the creativity and commitment of our people. It demands that we consistently put our values into practice. At our core we believe that excellence depends on seeking out diverse ideas and fostering a culture where all employees are engaged.

  • Initiatives
    Inclusion Shapes Our Employee Experience

    Our initiatives focus on making sure that our employees have a sense of belonging and connection, and are respected and treated equally. Some of our efforts include:

    • Evolving our recruiting practices to mitigate bias.
    • Broadening our reach to attract candidates of all genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds.
    • Maintaining fair pay practices.
    • Building awareness about inclusion and diversity, using educational tools and resources.


    Diversifying Our Talent Base

    We’re working to attract, develop, sponsor, and retain a uniquely innovative workforce.

    “I interviewed with 12 companies at the Grace Hopper Celebration. Juniper was one of the few where senior women interviewed me; the others were very male dominated. Other companies said, ‘Tell me how you would program this scenario.’ Juniper was different; of course, they brought up technical aspects, but they also focused on collaboration. I’ve learned that this is an important feature of our company culture.”
    Alina Khan
    Associate Systems Engineer
    (New college grad and former intern)


    “There are strong connections between my military experience and my current role at Juniper, where I lead the team responsible for making our organization a safe, welcoming space for employees to thrive. For example, skills and characteristics that served me well during my service—such as problem-solving and adaptability—are equally valuable here. In many ways, our military capabilities are ready-made for transferring to the corporate world.”
    Brad Minnis
    VP, Environmental Health, Safety, and Security


    Diversity of Leadership

    Our board of directors (comprising 30% women) brings a wealth of industry experience and a diversity of perspectives to drive continued success.

    Our Sponsorship Program

    “One of the pillars of inclusion and diversity at Juniper is the sponsorship of women with strong leadership potential. Our Women’s Sponsorship Program provides extra support to these individuals to help them gain access to opportunities that could lead to advancement. This program is key to broadening diversity at the highest levels, while at the same time promoting further success for these women and for Juniper.”
    Hillary Weingast
    Head of Inclusion and Diversity

  • At Work
    Creating a Better Workplace for All

    Our commitment to inclusion and diversity includes partnership with organizations that are dedicated to driving industry-wide pay parity, equal rights, and better access to career opportunities.

    We signed the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion Pledge. Additionally, our investments in highly regarded organizations serve both to support their important work and to deliver educational, professional development, talent acquisition, and networking opportunities to Juniper and our employees. These partnerships include:



    Life @ Juniper

    We create a work environment for people to connect their ideas to the world around them and bring those ideas to life.



    We’re proud of the visibility we’ve received as an employer that creates a positive culture for employees to thrive.

  • By the Numbers
    By the Numbers: A Look at Our Progress

    We believe that honesty and communication are foundational to our success as a company. To improve transparency in our inclusion and diversity efforts, in 2018 we began sharing our workforce data on our website.

    We recognize that we have a long way to go, and we’re excited about the journey ahead.