About Juniper

Corporate Responsibility

Quality Management

At Juniper, our Quality Management System (QMS) comprises processes, resources, and methods that enable us to responsibly build the best networks for our customers.

Our quality policy focuses on continuous improvement for our products and services so that we can achieve the highest levels of satisfaction for our customers. To that end, every Juniper employee is accountable for contributing to the value of the products and services we deliver.

Juniper’s QMS has been certified by a third-party certification body against the ISO 9001 and TL9000 standards. The broader of the two standards, TL9000, is an internationally recognized set of requirements and measurements, commonly accepted as best practices for quality management.

Having these proven controls, checks, and balances in place ensures that we can meet our customers’ needs and expectations for developing, delivering, and supporting Juniper products. And, because expectations inevitably increase over time, the standard also specifies that we include an ongoing focus on improving customer satisfaction, as well as the quality and reliability of our products and support.

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