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Corporate Responsibility

Making Responsible Choices in Our Operations

As part of Juniper Networks' corporate citizenship and sustainability strategy, our environmental policy outlines our commitment to conducting business in an environmentally responsible way.

  • Overview

    We recognize our responsibility to positively contribute to the communities around us and society at large.

    Juniper strives for excellence in global environmental, health, safety, and security management. We can deliver the greatest net positive impact for all colleagues, customers, partners, shareholders, communities in which we operate, and society at large by operating as a responsible corporate citizen.

    Juniper is committed to:

    • Complying with applicable environmental, health, safety, and security regulations and requirements to meet customer and community needs and expectations.
    • Identifying and assessing opportunities to reduce workplace hazards and risks.
    • Fostering pollution prevention and sustainable use of the earth's resources as it relates to our products, services, and activities, and to those of our suppliers and customers.
    • Promoting employee involvement at every level of the organization.
    • Monitoring performance and continually improving.
    • Providing the appropriate resources to honor our commitment.

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  • Reduce Energy

    Juniper continues to evaluate our energy consumption and work to reduce it.

    • Over the last year, we've reduced our server footprint in our data centers by 30%, lowering power and cooling requirements and energy consumption.
    • We've virtualized many of our server and development labs, using an IBM "green" datacenter in Colorado and improving performance and energy efficiency.
    • Working with local energy companies, such as PG&E in the San Francisco Bay Area, we've reduced our load on the energy grid and supported the local community by reducing consumption significantly during times of increased energy need.
    • We've implemented daytime office cleaning services, reducing our energy use during nighttime hours and saving approximately 181,500 KWh per year.
    • By dimming or turning off hallway lighting in some of our Sunnyvale buildings during afternoon and weekend hours, we've eliminated the use of more than 52,200 KWh.
  • Measure Carbon

    Juniper has invested in the infrastructure and systems to inventory and measure our carbon footprint on a global basis.

    Our goals are to credibly account for our carbon emissions and work to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our own operations and that of our customers. Though it's an exceedingly complex, multi-year process, we're measuring the energy efficiency of each of our products, as well as the carbon emissions inherent in their production, delivery and implementation. We continually look for opportunities to reduce our overall footprint and energy consumption while meeting the growing demands on the new network.

    Annually, Juniper participates in Carbon Disclosure Project and discloses our greenhouse gas inventory, climate change risks and opportunities, and management strategies. Additionally, through the CDP Supply Chain initiative we request our direct material suppliers to disclose similar information in order to allow us greater visibility into the risks and opportunities found in our supply chain.

    In calendar year 2014, Juniper's global Scope 1 and 2 emissions decreased by greater than 15% compared to 2013. Our overall performance is tracking to our absolute target of reducing emissions by 10% from a 2011 baseline year by 2017.