Survival in the Changing Landscape of Enterprise IT

PwC research uncovers new urgency for data center transformation.

A recent PwC survey conducted among enterprise IT leaders reveals a significant shift in the top priorities they have for data center networking solutions.

For decades, IT’s top priority has been managing total cost of ownership (TCO). Recent PwC findings show that TCO is now being eclipsed by a strong focus on security and automation. While TCO remains important to IT leaders, it now shares its ranking with other priorities, including innovation and agility in addition to security and automation.

Put simply, enterprise IT leaders are reflecting on the new enterprise reality, which is that IT has evolved from a cost center to a strategic powerhouse for the business, making the need for digital transformation in the data center more critical than ever before.

The Changing Role of Enterprise IT

In more and more businesses, IT has become a foundational pillar on top of which everything else is built. PwC uncovered several insights that reflect this new landscape. Security, for example, has evolved to a company-wide imperative, and IT leaders consider it to be the top priority for their data center networking strategies. Automation, too, has attained a level of urgency. The goal is to be able to configure the network with more intelligence, flexibility, and coordination between the security and network teams, with an increasing reliance on network automation and orchestration.

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Start Your Evolution Today: The Rise of Cloud-Grade Networks

The changes in enterprise IT priorities will force a rethinking of how networks are designed, built, and managed. With the cloud playing a prominent role, companies will evolve from primarily relying on enterprise-grade networks to building out cloud-grade networks, moving to multicloud environments and, ultimately, to autonomous self-driving networks.

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How Enterprises Are Evolving with Juniper in the Data Center

With changing priorities in the data center and business demands intensifying, enterprise IT leaders are looking to Juniper for their digital transformation. We deliver solutions for secure and scalable multicloud networks, bullet-proof end-to-end security, and automated, autonomous networks. Around the world, companies like US Dedicated, faced with some of the world’s toughest data center demands, have transformed their networks and their businesses with innovative Juniper solutions.

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