Optimize the Network with AI to Provide the Best In-Store Wi-Fi Experience

Still image shows a person sitting in a chair looking at the camera, wearing a black shirt, in a retail store.

This video provides a use case for the retail industry on how Marvis and an AI-driven network helps identify network configuration issues to resolve intermittent Wi-Fi connectivity to provide optimal retail in-store Wi-Fi experience.

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You’ll learn

  • Retail industry use cases for Marvis

  • How an AI-driven network can help in retail

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 [Music]

0:00 it director martin was called in yet

0:02 again to another one of close mart

0:04 stores where the employees were

0:06 complaining that wi-fi wasn't working

0:09 again

0:10 we knew the store clerks were having

0:11 problems with the tablets servicing our

0:13 customers inside many of the store

0:15 locations but it was intermittent with

0:18 no single root cause

0:20 martin was utterly perplexed

0:23 how can we provide the best in-store

0:25 experience if our associates can't

0:27 access the

0:28 wi-fi

0:30 the competition is going to eat us for

0:32 breakfast

0:33 the it team was really feeling the

0:35 pressure missing sales every day

0:38 give me some time give me

0:39 what

0:42 we implemented a proof of concept in a

0:44 handful of stores with juniper networks

0:46 and found out immediately that the

0:48 problem was with the network

0:49 configuration

0:51 thanks to my new friend marvis the

0:53 virtual network assistant

0:55 he's lying that's his only friend the

0:58 problem was actually in a

1:00 misconfiguration with the mtu settings

1:03 in the sd-wan

1:04 something that would have been next to

1:06 impossible to find without the help of

1:09 real artificial intelligence or

1:12 what's known in text circles as

1:15 a i

1:18 pretty sure everyone knows what ai

1:20 stands for

1:22 driven by experience

1:24 for more information contact juniper

1:26 networks

1:27 [Music]

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