Juniper Mist Root Cause Identification

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Screenshot of Mist AI showing a root cause analysis for a sample problem: DHCP unresponsive.

Juniper Mist AI puts actionable root cause identification at your fingertips.

Does your IT team have access to actionable network intelligence? Watch how Juniper Mist™ AI identifies the root cause of problems, correlated across wired, wireless and device domains, for possible remediation — all in a couple of clicks.

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You’ll learn

  • How Mist AI provides automated event correlation using machine learning across wireless, wired, and device domains

  • How Mist AI delivers actionable intelligence, rapid problem isolation, and fast MTTR

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 if any user experiences a problem Mist

0:03 will show the root cause in a couple

0:04 clicks issues are correlated across the

0:07 wired Wireless and device domains for

0:09 easy identification and possible

0:11 remediation and contrast that to the

0:14 first generation cloud provider an

0:16 association successful that's not

0:19 actionable

0:21 but to be fair

0:23 this is where the others end and missed

0:25 begins

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