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Still image of a sales engineer at his home office as he speaks about his experiences working at Juniper Networks.

Why join Juniper? Let us count the ways….

Juniper is a remarkable place to work. But don’t take our word for it — hear from our employees as they share why they’re able to thrive as part of the sales engineer team. And did we mention that Juniper is Certified Great Place to Work, a LinkedIn Top Company, and a Fortune World’s Most Admired Company for 2022?

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You’ll learn

  • The many ways employees grow their careers at Juniper

  • Tips for career success you can take to any organization

  • The importance of work-life balance and tangible career opportunities

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0:04 [Music]

0:10 i think juniper is a great place to work

0:11 because of the culture

0:12 work with some of the smartest people in

0:14 the industry here and they are also the

0:16 nicest and most helpful across the board

0:19 if i could sum it up into one reason why

0:21 i think it's opportunity

0:24 at juniper we have the opportunity to

0:26 experience a culture of boldly thinking

0:28 big

0:29 exemplifying our trust and going that

0:31 extra mile to deliver excellence

0:34 is really being able to get a diverse

0:36 group of people involved in applying and

0:40 then having a different type of outreach

0:42 with the community

0:43 having the aptitude to learn you don't

0:46 have to know our networking you don't

0:48 have to know networking inside and out

0:50 but having a baseline that you can grow

0:52 on i think is really important

0:54 myself i came from a history background

0:56 but was able to apply some other things

0:58 that i've done and to learn

1:00 going into the technology field at

1:03 another company

1:04 it's amazing the things you can do if

1:06 you really want to and this is your goal

1:09 i'd like that i've been given the the

1:11 trust and the latitude to basically run

1:13 my own little corner of the business

1:14 here at juniper really nice to have the

1:16 the freedom and the

1:18 the power to go after

1:20 what we see as as good business for the

1:22 whole company there's plenty of people

1:24 to collaborate with as an sc i i think

1:27 the main thing is to be successful in in

1:30 this role

1:31 is really to have the aptitude to learn

1:34 new things and then the attitude how do

1:37 you approach

1:38 learning new things how do you

1:41 work with people build relationships our

1:44 team is growing

1:46 and in this team we strongly believe

1:48 it's important to have work-life balance

1:51 flexibility and career opportunities

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