Christian Gilby, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks 2023 Company Update

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The image shows a slide from the presentation. The title of the slide reads, “Our client-to-cloud architecture leverages AIOPs across the full stack.” A text box lists recent product innovations, including EX4100 series, Automated AP Placement, Marvis with Windows, all in July. In August it lists Enterprise Solutions with Network as a Solution (NaaS), new MSP dashboard, and simplified license management for NaaS, and more.

Experience-first networking and AI-driven enterprise solutions delivered big wins for Juniper in 2022.

In this talk from Networking Field Day 2023, Juniper’s Christian Gilby shines a light on company highpoints and notable wins from 2022 and also previews what’s to come in 2023. You’ll learn about some of Juniper's most recent product innovations, why Juniper solutions continue to outpace the market, and the company’s plans for maintaining the momentum.

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You’ll learn

  • Why Juniper AI-driven solutions significantly outpaced the market in 2022

  • Where to go to read customer case studies, and learn more about how Juniper can transform your business

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Christian Gilby Headshot
Christian Gilby
Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Juniper Networks


0:08 that's so let's jump right into it on

0:11 the company update here and

0:13 um you know you hear it from uh all the

0:15 way from from Romi our CEO down we're

0:17 really about delivering experience first

0:18 networks what does that mean it means

0:21 delivering a great experience for the

0:22 users coming onto the network whether

0:24 it's you know your employees or I was at

0:27 NRF event yesterday retailers that's a

0:30 big thing for them is how do they get

0:32 customers in and give them a great

0:33 experience in store

0:35 um and then the it operators as well so

0:38 how do we make it easier to run the

0:40 network to automate more more devices

0:42 coming onto the network that's where

0:44 we're leveraging AI Ops and we're

0:46 building it across the portfolio the

0:48 Enterprise I mean obviously AI driven

0:50 Enterprises is what the team's talking

0:52 about today automated when with that

0:54 interconnects the offices here and then

0:57 cloud ready data center as well where

0:59 we're seeing a lot of growth there and

1:00 it's got to be built on a secure

1:02 platform so that's where Juniper

1:03 connected security comes into a play so

1:06 yeah ultimately it's about how do we

1:08 automate the network drive a better

1:10 experience for the users in it and then

1:13 Leverage The Cloud to scale and bring

1:15 Simplicity to it

1:17 so very quick update on numbers so this

1:19 is actually from our Q3 earnings that is

1:21 our most recent results here so

1:24 um excited to see the growth here I mean

1:26 Q3 2022 over 266 million in Revenue here

1:30 double digit growth of mystified year

1:33 over year 50 that basically means the

1:34 business is tied to missed AI so you

1:37 know whether it's wireless traditionally

1:39 and then as we've extended that to the

1:42 switching with the ex some qfx models

1:45 and then on the sd-wan with our SSR and

1:47 SRX

1:49 um you know an exciting thing here as

1:51 well is record ex revenue and we're

1:54 talking a lot about the campus side of

1:55 things today so that's really exciting

1:57 to see on top of the Wi-Fi growth

1:59 customers has been the other thing

2:01 um I definitely recommend if you want to

2:03 learn a bit more about customer case

2:04 studies go to customers

2:07 there's the customer stories are here

2:09 I'll hit on a few of these

2:12 um and these are obviously public ones

2:13 Canadian Tire is a great one a fairly

2:15 recent win here I certainly and I met

2:17 with about 15 of them yesterday or at

2:20 NRF so they're really excited at ramping

2:22 it out and that's a full stat so we're

2:23 seeing a lot more of our customers Roll

2:25 Out end-to-end Wireless wired sd-wan

2:29 because you've got to have end-to-end to

2:32 understand the experience

2:35 um I mean another great one here

2:36 Chick-fil-A so if you go into the store

2:38 there you'll see and they're using it

2:41 for you know guest experiences they come

2:43 in but the bigger thing for them is how

2:45 do we simplify ordering and make sure

2:46 when somebody places an order because

2:48 they've got these handheld iPads they go

2:50 around with

2:51 um you really want to give a great

2:53 experience there across the network

2:56 um

2:56 in terms of of what's our architecture

2:59 here it's really about delivering

3:01 my animation there we go

3:03 um client to Cloud so bring that insight

3:07 into a single platform so this is where

3:08 missed AI comes into play and Marvis and

3:11 get that Insight all the way from

3:13 Wireless wired sd-wan

3:16 um because you know a great example here

3:18 is someone's on a team's call a zoom

3:20 call and they have a bad experience how

3:22 do you troubleshoot it it is really

3:24 challenging today and that's what we're

3:26 really looking at is how do you tie all

3:28 this together and bring more insight

3:30 into the network

3:32 recent Innovations here

3:35 um you know in the July we introduced

3:36 the ex 4100 and ex-4100f

3:40 um you know a couple years ago The 4400

3:42 which is really cloud native AI driven

3:46 this really fleshes out the portfolio

3:49 um and then on Marvis I mean we're going

3:51 to talk about two new actions in the

3:53 summer we introduced quite a bit for

3:54 Wired as well really getting that

3:57 insight to what's going on in the

3:59 network experience and automating more

4:00 and then in August first we introduced

4:03 our Network as a service I mean we've

4:04 been offering that through some of our

4:06 MSP Partners before that but really went

4:08 to Market and publicized it so exciting

4:11 here later on today you're going to hear

4:13 from cinellini and she's going to walk

4:14 through some of that but I really see

4:16 that as a big growth for customers as

4:19 they look at shifting their consumption

4:21 model

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