2021 Elevate Award Honorees React to Being Recognized by Juniper

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Spotlighting six of our distinguished winner

The Elevate Awards celebrate network innovators around the globe who use Juniper solutions to deliver exceptional experiences for their businesses, customers, and communities. Six of our 2021 honorees share how it feels to be recognized for their success.

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You’ll learn

  • What six winners say the award means to them

  • The industries comprising the interviewed winners

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0:04 it's truly an honor for our team to be

0:06 recognized by juniper these awards

0:09 and that recognition underscores two

0:12 things

0:13 the clinical excellence that hss has

0:15 through its team work with his

0:16 clinicians and all of us at hss and then

0:19 in i.t

0:20 the results we get through the team work

0:22 with our partners such as juniper

0:25 it's always nice to be recognized for

0:27 something positive

0:29 i feel honored that darren has been

0:30 recognized by juniper for drn's

0:32 networking effort and result

0:34 very exciting and thank you very much

0:37 juniper

0:38 me and my team feel very pleased and

0:40 honored that our work is recognized and

0:42 rewarded

0:43 as it shows that we are working on the

0:45 right topics in digital transformation

0:47 of cf and really at the forefront of

0:49 technology juniper is a great company

0:52 and the right partner for our business

0:55 as we share the focus on customer

0:57 satisfaction and the steadiness of

0:59 products

1:00 therefore it's an honor for us being

1:02 nominated pleased and humbled

1:05 to be recognized for our team's efforts

1:08 within the va which really doesn't feel

1:10 like work to me at all i'm having fun

1:13 and this is exciting

1:15 [Music]

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