Telco Cloud Automation - Juniper Networks and Deutsche Telekom Partner on NIMS Transformation

Telco Cloud
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Deutsche Telekom (DT) today has 10 million voice subscribers connected to their visionary NIMS telco cloud. Here, learn how DT and Juniper together operationalized this transformative NIMS vision into production reality.

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You’ll learn

  • What Deutsche Telekom wanted from a new platform

  • How the new platform has changed the business

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Christophe Hilz Headshot
Christoph Hilz
Tribe Head Voice & Messaging, Deutsche Telekom


0:02 Deutsche Telecom is Europe's largest

0:04 telecommunications provider like most

0:07 telcos it evolved with a separate system

0:09 for each service usually from a single

0:11 vendor I think ultimately for our

0:14 suppliers really who dictated or let's

0:18 say Define what our services would look

0:20 like

0:21 and their systems were really complex to

0:23 to operate we had to do everything

0:26 manually to configure every element so

0:29 it often took months or even years to

0:32 bring new things to the market

0:34 Deutsche Telecom began to virtualize

0:36 specific functions but they still ended

0:39 up with technology silos

0:41 each service platform still had its own

0:43 Hardware control and monitoring

0:45 environments with a low low automation

0:48 degree Deutsche Telecom wanted to do

0:50 something completely different

0:52 we wanted a new platform a platform for

0:55 Innovation a platform that we can use

0:58 for any service we imagined so they

1:02 developed a new Universal cloud-based

1:04 architecture

1:07 treating the entire business operation

1:09 like a new code development I was

1:12 looking for Hungry suppliers and I was

1:14 looking for suppliers who shared my

1:16 vision

1:17 Deutsche Telecom looked for a prime

1:18 integrator for the whole platform

1:21 we wanted someone who understood the

1:24 problem who understood that we need a

1:27 complete different way of working but he

1:30 also must be neutral to the IMs space

1:33 helped us to deliver on our overall

1:36 vision for a new platform

1:38 foreign

1:40 Telecom has a fully operational

1:42 cloud-based service platform for its IMS

1:45 services this is a really cool thing now

1:48 because now we can put our ideas into

1:51 production in a few months not in years

1:54 we can validate and deploy new software

1:56 in a few days instead of weeks and we

2:00 can change things as we go in normal

2:02 business hours without affecting any

2:05 customer services when Deutsche Telecom

2:08 started out on this journey no one was

2:10 sure this was even possible

2:12 we did it for our customers we did it

2:15 for ourselves and we did it for the

2:18 future

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