Drew Simonis, Chief Information Security Officer, Juniper Networks

What's next for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) in 2023?

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What is top-of-mind for CISOs in 2023?

Drew Simonis, Chief Information Security Officer, Juniper Networks, shares his predictions for 2023 regarding cybersecurity and what he sees unfolding.

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You’ll learn

  • Why zero trust is important in 2023

  • Application security will take center stage

  • The increasing risk for CISOs

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Drew Simonis headshot
Drew Simonis
Chief Information Security Officer, Juniper Networks


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0:07 I'm the Chief Information Security

0:10 Officer at Juniper Networks I'd love to

0:12 share with you my predictions for 2023

0:14 regarding cyber security and and what I

0:17 see unfolding

0:18 first of all I think that this is the

0:20 year that zero trust networking really

0:22 is going to come of age I think a lot of

0:24 people are beginning to understand the

0:26 importance of zero trust and how it can

0:28 apply to their organizations I think as

0:30 they begin that Journey they're going to

0:32 learn that a lot of the things they've

0:33 been neglecting need to be cleaned up

0:35 particularly identity management

0:37 provisioning workflows access governance

0:40 and these sort of things so it's going

0:41 to be a bumpy ride but an exciting one

0:43 I also think that application security

0:46 is going to really take a lot of focus

0:48 in 2023 we see a lot of activity from

0:51 the government whether that's the

0:53 creation of s-bombs software bills of

0:55 material or the attestations that people

0:58 selling software to the defense industry

0:59 are going to need to make it to ensure

1:01 that they followed secure development

1:03 practices both of these are going to

1:05 drive a lot of transparency into the

1:06 development process and I think what

1:08 that transparency comes some uncovering

1:10 of security issues that will need to be

1:12 addressed and that ties in my third

1:14 prediction which is the increasing risk

1:16 that a ciso such as myself faces in the

1:19 coming years particularly with personal

1:21 liability as we're making out of

1:23 stations to the government for example

1:24 our name is on the line and we're making

1:27 promises about how our companies are

1:28 behaving and so I think you're going to

1:30 start to see additional coverage sought

1:33 for things like dno liability coverage

1:35 in the insurance Space by Chief

1:37 information security officers

1:39 I hope it is a good year and I hope

1:42 everyone makes the best of it and I wish

1:43 you a Happy New Year

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