Jeff Aaron, VP of Enterprise Marketing, Juniper Networks

What's next for enterprise networking in 2023?

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How will network automation impact the enterprise market? Will AI change the game?

The three things Jeff Aaron, VP of Enterprise Marketing, Juniper Networks, is looking forward to happening in 2023.

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You’ll learn

  • How the full stack will be extended

  • How AI will help support in 2023

  • Why you will see more NaaS

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Jeff Aaron Headshot
Jeff Aaron
VP of Enterprise Marketing, Juniper Networks


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0:07 hi there this is Jeff Aaron VP of

0:09 Enterprise marketing here at Juniper

0:10 there's three primary things that I'm

0:12 looking forward to seeing happen in 2023

0:14 the first is an extension of the full

0:16 stack

0:17 um I think wired and wireless access has

0:19 always been interlinked but we're now

0:21 starting to see sd-wan actually now come

0:23 under the same umbrella as the wired and

0:25 wireless portfolio really for end to end

0:27 when we're client to Cloud Automation

0:28 and insight I think going actually

0:30 further into the year you're actually

0:31 going to see this expanded even further

0:33 where a lot of the security domain such

0:35 as Knack and firewalls are also going to

0:37 be combined with some of these other

0:38 network protocols and network motions to

0:41 really do a full stack end-to-end

0:43 portfolio that's more easily managed the

0:46 second thing is we're looking to see a

0:48 lot more of AI driven support we're

0:50 seeing more and more companies actually

0:51 run trouble tickets through AI engines

0:54 so that they're Casa getting better and

0:56 learning problems and predicting

0:57 problems before they even happen so I

0:59 think you're going to see that with even

1:00 more types of data from different parts

1:02 of the network run through the system so

1:04 it gets better on top of that you're

1:05 going to see even more virtual Network

1:06 assistance where they actually use AI

1:08 natural language processing to answer

1:10 questions so they literally become part

1:13 of your extended help desk the last

1:15 thing that I think we're going to see

1:16 quite a bit of is NAS network as a

1:18 service as more and more of the products

1:20 move towards the cloud obviously SAS

1:22 took hold with subscription services but

1:24 now you're starting to see the actual

1:25 Hardware being leased out as well and

1:28 some assistance is even fully pay as you

1:30 go I think that's a really exciting

1:32 Paradigm that's really going to take

1:33 hold in 2023 and it's really going to

1:35 drive even more managed Services being

1:37 delivered by SPS and other partners and

1:39 so we're really excited to see that as

1:41 well

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