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Troubleshooting Juniper Secure Connect

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Slide showing a topology diagram, with a headline that reads, “Troubleshooting Juniper Secure Connect.” A bullet list reads, “Criteria for example: * Juniper Secure Connect is not working properly: * Set up extended logging; * Three different troubleshooting scenarios: - Authentication error; - Connection errors; - Connection success, but unable to reach Server-1; * Success?: - Remote worker can access Server-1.”

Juniper Learning Byte: The 411 on troubleshooting Juniper Secure Connect

Watch as Juniper’s Zach Gibbs walks you step by step through the process of troubleshooting broken connections using Juniper Secure Connect. If you’re new to Secure Connect, consider this essential viewing.

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You’ll learn

  • How to troubleshoot three different scenarios: authentication error, connection error, and connection success but unable to reach server 

  • How to enable extended logs — the first step in the troubleshooting process 

  • How to test out connections from the remote worker device 

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Zach Gibbs Headshot
Zach Gibbs
Content Developer, Juniper Networks