Paragon Automation as a Service: Cloud-Delivered Network Automation

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Automation is a must have in Cloud Metro

Imagine the possibilities of an AI-driven Cloud Metro that delivers real outcomes as soon as you subscribe, with innovations rolled out continually at your pace. From day zero, Paragon Automation lets you do more and do better with less — use case by use case. It will help you manage and operate your network at cloud speed, cloud scale, and cloud agility.

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0:01 [Music]

0:04 network automation has become a top

0:06 priority for operators and nowhere is

0:09 this more true than in the cloud metro

0:11 where automation is not just a good to

0:13 have but a must-have and needs to be

0:15 designed in from the start

0:17 up until now network automation has been

0:20 complex error prone and the big bang

0:23 approach has not been sustainable nor

0:25 delivered results quickly enough

0:27 at juniper we believe there is a better

0:29 way to automate your network

0:32 imagine if you could see your first

0:34 results in days not years

0:36 imagine if it was simple enough to

0:39 automate a new use case every month

0:42 imagine if you didn't need it developers

0:44 and networking experts to implement it

0:47 that's the power of cloud-delivered

0:49 network automation coupled with ai and

0:52 that's the future we've created at

0:54 juniper networks by introducing paragon

0:57 automation as a service

1:00 it's a future where you can automate

1:01 your network use case-by-use case at

1:04 unprecedented speed and do it with a

1:07 simplicity that your teams will love

1:09 automation should be about driving

1:11 business outcomes which means saving

1:14 time and money innovating faster while

1:16 assuring network performance and quality

1:21 from day zero onwards paragon automation

1:24 as a service will help you do more with

1:26 less and do it better it will help you

1:29 manage and operate your network at cloud

1:31 speed cloud scale and cloud agility

1:35 it will give you ai precision faster

1:38 than any human to help you detect and

1:40 fix problems before they impact

1:42 experience

1:46 [Music]

1:48 paragon automation as a service has

1:50 numerous use cases let's take a look at

1:52 one little example here

1:55 a typical cloud metro network could

1:57 scale into thousands of devices

1:59 onboarding these devices at speed

2:01 matters the faster you onboard them with

2:04 zero errors the faster your time to

2:06 revenue

2:07 in this case we'll see how field

2:09 technicians and knock engineers can

2:11 onboard new devices in a few minutes

2:13 rather than days getting it right the

2:16 first time every time

2:18 kim is our newly graduated field

2:20 technician who's been subcontracted to

2:22 deploy an acx 7100 in a greenfield cloud

2:26 metro

2:27 let's see how paragon automation as a

2:30 service makes kim's life easy with just

2:32 her phone

2:34 onboarding used to be time-consuming

2:36 cumbersome and error-prone

2:39 field technicians would typically need

2:40 to have a device manual call a noc

2:42 engineer for interventions and be a cli

2:45 expert

2:46 not anymore though kim now has

2:48 everything she needs at her fingertips

2:51 kim unboxes

2:53 racks and powers up the acx and then

2:56 cables in a port for management

2:58 [Music]

3:04 next she scans the qr code which takes

3:07 us straight to the paragon web page for

3:09 that particular device

3:11 thanks to the qr code paragon already

3:14 knows the serial number and specific

3:16 model of this device behind the scenes

3:19 paragon has already pulled up the entire

3:21 network plan and intent including

3:24 everything the device will need such as

3:26 ip addresses and configs

3:29 paragon then triggers the onboarding

3:30 workflow for kim the first step is to

3:33 validate if it is indeed authentic

3:35 juniper hardware

3:36 paragon does that using the embedded tpm

3:39 2.0 chip that is linked to a unique

3:42 device id

3:44 once paragon knows it is a trusted

3:46 device it pushes the correct software

3:48 image and configs as the first step of

3:51 the workflow

3:54 [Music]

3:58 paragon guides kim through the physical

4:00 connections she needs to make

4:06 [Music]

4:10 showing her which cables to insert into

4:12 which ports

4:13 [Music]

4:16 she selects the option to follow a

4:18 step-by-step installation

4:22 [Music]

4:27 if any port is installed with the

4:28 incorrect plugin paragon will flag it

4:31 and allow kim to provide an explanation

4:34 and within minutes the acx is correctly

4:37 cabled and powered on getting it right

4:39 the first time as a final step kim

4:42 checks her smartphone to make sure that

4:44 paragon shows everything as up

4:46 all she needs to do now is press next

4:50 paragon takes over and finishes the

4:52 final steps of the workflow

4:56 while she enjoys her coffee paragon

4:58 meticulously works to validate

5:00 everything in the background

5:02 paragon automatically ensures that the

5:04 correct hardware and software are

5:06 installed the ride configurations are

5:08 loaded and intended services are

5:11 provisioned it then ensures that the

5:13 device is healthy by checking the fan

5:15 power temperature memory and so on

5:19 moving on to check if the interfaces are

5:21 up and working as they should be paragon

5:23 runs connectivity and performance tests

5:26 to ensure the network slas are met

5:30 paragon runs active assurance tests

5:32 using synthetic traffic pinging right to

5:35 the edge of the network and across

5:36 various cloud instances checking that

5:39 delay jitter loss and latency parameters

5:42 meet experienced kpis

5:45 kim then finishes the job by uploading

5:47 photos of her work into paragon

5:49 and changing the status of the work

5:51 order to complete

5:53 it's a stress-free experience for both

5:56 kim and tom the noc engineer who's had

5:58 full oversight all this time of all the

6:01 onboarding tasks going on across their

6:03 entire network thanks to paragon

6:05 automation as a service for keeping them

6:08 both in sync with the latest network

6:10 state

6:11 [Music]

6:14 but life isn't always perfect so let's

6:16 see what happens when something doesn't

6:18 go according to plan

6:20 after paragon alerts kim to a

6:22 connectivity issue she investigates the

6:25 fault details through her mobile phone

6:27 and learns that an optical interface is

6:29 impaired with a recommended action to

6:32 check connection

6:40 she unplugs and reconnects a new cable

6:42 to the correct port

6:44 and sees that the error has been fixed

6:48 this is a simple example of an ai

6:50 enabled bad cable detection and

6:52 remediation use case delivered by

6:54 paragon automation as a service

6:57 all the while tom has full oversight

6:59 into the current network state so he

7:01 knows when an issue has been remediated

7:04 the validation resumes and this time it

7:07 completes successfully with paragon to

7:10 assist field technicians new acx

7:12 installations are quick easy and

7:14 error-free and when problems do arise

7:17 they can be detected and resolved within

7:19 minutes

7:24 paragon does far more than just assist

7:26 field technicians it's a powerful

7:28 solution for knock engineers like tom

7:31 after the network field technicians are

7:33 done other issues may arise beyond

7:35 physical connectivity such as with

7:37 reachability or performance

7:40 paragon identifies exactly what requires

7:42 attention and allows tom to drill down

7:45 into the specific route course with

7:47 assistance from its ai engine

7:50 in this case there is a problem

7:51 somewhere through the connection to the

7:53 network edge

7:54 paragon provides tom with many advanced

7:57 measurements to improve service quality

7:59 thanks to juniper's active service

8:01 assurance test agent which is natively

8:04 embedded within the acx 7000 family

8:07 this includes layer 2 or layer 3 tests

8:11 dns quality measurements html web page

8:14 accessibility tests validation to the

8:16 cloud as well as reflection based

8:18 testing

8:20 paragon's active assurance can also be

8:22 deployed anywhere along the end-to-end

8:24 service path so that experience is

8:26 measured from device to cloud

8:29 with the juniper devices acting as

8:31 network experience sensors active

8:34 testing is inherently accessible as soon

8:36 as these acx devices are added

8:39 in this way paragon delivers on

8:41 juniper's vision for experience first

8:43 networking using our ai assisted

8:46 cloud-delivered paragon automation as a

8:48 service

8:52 [Music]

8:55 modern networks are more complex than

8:57 ever to manage diagnose and remediate

9:00 especially in multi-vendor environments

9:02 with a diverse variety of data sets and

9:05 tools

9:06 that's where ai and machine learning

9:08 shine

9:10 with juniper a recognized leader in

9:12 aiops and paragon now taking it to the

9:14 next level with ai ops for transport

9:16 networks

9:18 ai ops takes the complexity out of your

9:20 network operations and helps with things

9:22 that humans cannot do at machine scale

9:26 speed and precision

9:28 paragon automation as a service uses ai

9:31 to help operators detect and fix

9:34 problems faster it helps you to find

9:36 that needle in the haystack which humans

9:39 might miss at first glance it correlates

9:42 this problem down to its root course and

9:44 then triggers deeper diagnostics to

9:46 validate its findings and recommends

9:48 remediation actions

9:50 you can not only reduce your mean time

9:52 to know but also significantly reduce

9:55 your mean time to repair by closing the

9:57 loop and automatically fixing issues

10:00 with paragon you gain meaningful early

10:02 warnings and prediction of emerging

10:04 issues and most importantly it can help

10:07 you solve these problems before the

10:09 customer experience is impacted

10:12 tom can now share this month's cloud

10:14 metro onboarding report with his

10:16 management proving that this unique

10:18 approach from juniper redefines

10:20 onboarding from unboxing to being ready

10:23 for service at unprecedented speed with

10:26 ease doing it right the first time every

10:29 time

10:34 so you've just seen a little of what our

10:36 paragon automation as a service can do

10:38 for you and there is so much more

10:41 imagine the possibilities of an ai

10:43 driven cloud metro that delivers real

10:45 outcomes as soon as you subscribe

10:48 imagine innovations being rolled out

10:50 into your network continually at your

10:53 pace

10:53 imagine leveraging ai to solve potential

10:56 problems in your network before they

10:58 even happen now imagine paragon

11:01 automation as a service in your network

11:04 imagine no longer

11:08 [Music]

11:15 you

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