Juniper Networks Intelligent Automation for Service Provider Networks

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An overview of Juniper Networks Intelligent Automation Solutions for Service Providers. A key component of our Service Provider Solution Strategy, Juniper’s Intelligent Automation solutions simplify the transition from operations to outcomes, so you can improve your network and the experiences of the people it connects.

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You’ll learn

  • How to deliver a differentiated service experience

  • What is experience first networking

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0:01 With network experience, intelligent automation matters,

0:04 because delivering a differentiated network experience isn’t easy.

0:08 That’s why at Juniper Networks

0:10 we are focused on simplifying the network and its operations,

0:13 so you can deliver a differentiated service experience to your customers.

0:17 We call this Experience-First Networking.

0:20 Our intelligent automation solutions augment network operations for greater efficiency,

0:25 while actively assuring service quality for a better customer experience,

0:30 from the Open RAN, across the Metro, Edge, Core, and throughout the Data Center.

0:35 How?

0:36 Our portfolio of cloud-native applications delivered on-premises or as a service,

0:40 powered by AI and ML technology,

0:43 simplifies the design, deployment and management of networks and their services.

0:48 Paragon Automation delivers

0:50 AI-enabled closed-loop automation

0:52 with active service assurance across the WAN,

0:54 reducing operational complexity while improving customer experience.

1:00 Apstra, intent-based, multi-vendor fabric automation, with proven ROI of 320%,

1:05 and CN2 SDN orchestration and management simplify data center operations and security.

1:13 A full stack of wireless, LAN, and SD-WAN services

1:16 are orchestrated and managed by Mist Cloud,

1:19 arming your NetOps team with proactive insights

1:21 that assure service quality.

1:25 Our RAN Intelligent Controller (the RIC)

1:28 leverages an ecosystem approach to optimize 5G network efficiency,

1:32 while delivering new business models and a personalized service experience.

1:37 Juniper Networks Intelligent Automation

1:40 simplifies, secures, and assures network service design, implementation, and operations,

1:46 and with a new Automation-as-a-Service approach, it reduces deployment times up to 50%,

1:51 adds new use cases 70% faster,

1:54 and incurs 40% lower costs, compared to legacy, DIY solutions.

1:59 Juniper Experience-First Networking,

2:02 delivering outcomes that matter.

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