JJ Muller, Senior Principle Infrastructure Design Architect, Dimension Data

Dimension Data Validates Performance of Intelligent Network with Paragon Active Assurance

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Digital transformation helps organizations accelerate innovation and drive operational efficiency. To help its clients unlock the power of digital in today’s hybrid IT world, Dimension Data built an intelligent network connecting 11 data centers on two continents.

Building an intelligent infrastructure was a high-stakes effort. To enable the network to work as expected from the first day and forward, Dimension Data relied on Juniper Paragon Active Assurance and Juniper Paragon Active Assurance Deployment Services for active testing and monitoring.

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  • What challenges were solved by Juniper technology

  • What organizational improvements happened as a result of network automation

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JJ Muller Headshot
JJ Muller
Senior Principle Infrastructure Design Architect, Dimension Data


0:06 as to mentioned data infrastructure

0:09 Solutions we own and operate a number of

0:11 data centers in Africa and through our

0:14 next Generation cells provide a network

0:15 we offer a hosting internet led to a

0:18 layer 3 Services across our footprint

0:21 our Network infrastructure is equipped

0:23 with the automation layer that can

0:24 provision customer services in a new

0:26 automated manner as part of the

0:28 automated performance process we also

0:30 require the solution for automated

0:31 service Assurance to ensure that

0:33 customer services are not only provision

0:35 creative but performs as expected

0:37 especially when we make use of blast

0:40 mountings that are provided by other

0:42 third-party business

0:44 foreign

0:48 active Assurance platform from Juba

0:50 which we integrated into our automation

0:52 architecture by using the API

0:55 capabilities of the platform this

0:57 enabled us to automatically Test new

0:59 services that are deployed on our

1:01 Network infrastructure these tests are

1:03 treated after provisioning and are

1:05 designed to make sure that we can

1:06 deliver the required throughput latency

1:08 Jitter and other quality of service

1:10 parameters that our customers are

1:13 expecting from us

1:14 [Music]

1:18 although the solution is still

1:20 relatively new we can already see the

1:22 benefits growing forward Engineers will

1:24 be spending less time validating and

1:26 troubleshooting new service deployments

1:28 and new work orders can be closed out

1:30 automatically reducing the order

1:31 depending time you can also proactively

1:34 pick up any issues with the services

1:36 that are provided by Our Last small

1:37 vendors before we hand over the service

1:40 to our customers improving the overall

1:42 customer satisfaction

1:47 the biggest advantage to our customers

1:50 is that we can deliver new Services much

1:52 quicker than before in order confident

1:54 that the service will work perfectly the

1:56 first time and within the acceptance

1:58 quality of service parameters

2:03 it's been quite a journey for us to

2:06 build and deploy a new greenfields

2:08 network architecture Automation and

2:11 service Assurance as a key element of

2:13 the architecture from day one a lot of

2:15 design deployment and integration

2:17 efforts was put into this project so to

2:20 be recognized by Juniper on a global

2:21 scale is a fantastic achievement for the

2:24 entire Dimensions

2:25 team thank you so much

2:29 foreign

2:31 [Music]

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