AI-Driven Networking From Juniper Earned Top Marks at Dalton Public Schools

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Juniper Networks powers Dalton Public Schools’ AI-driven network.

Educators: In an increasingly digital world, it’s more important than ever for schools and universities to meet the network needs of students, teachers, and staff. See how Dalton Public Schools utilizes Juniper Mist AI™ and Juniper Marvis® Virtual Network Assistant to elevate digital experiences — even with a lean IT team.

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You’ll learn

  • How Dalton Public Schools leverages Marvis to identify and mitigate network issues before they impact users’ connectivity

  • How the school utilizes Juniper solutions to troubleshoot issues from the access point, as well as client connectivity

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0:00 So, Dalton Public Schools is a small to mid-sized K-12 School District nestled in the hills

0:11 of Northwest, Georgia.

0:12 Just south of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

0:14 We have roughly 8,000 students in a thousand staff members and we are a one-to-one environment

0:20 K through 12th grade, each of our students and staff members have a district-assigned

0:24 device having already implemented Juniper switching across all of our wired infrastructure.

0:30 It really was a natural transition to implement Mist after our initial assessment of the product

0:36 really proved to check all the boxes.

0:38 We were looking at a Cloud solution.

0:40 Our first implementation included Mist ap43s and ap61s with wireless and wired Assurance

0:49 along with Marvis Ai and machine learning.

0:52 We're actually now beginning to implement the new products which are Mist ap45s and

0:57 63s on our current upgrades.

1:00 And as a sole Network admin, it really is highly beneficial to leverage Marvis.

1:05 And in this console to be able to identify and mitigate the issues that are not yet visible

1:11 to our customers, but I know for a fact would impact their connectivity.

1:15 Dalton Public Schools has seen numerous improvements from a metric standpoint.

1:19 Our overall user confidence and experience with our wireless network has improved significantly.

1:25 Also when issues are actually reported the visibility into the network from One console

1:31 really does provide me the capability to significantly decrease the time in which I resolve the issues

1:37 that are reported.

1:39 We can troubleshoot issues from the access point but also issues that are related to

1:45 connectivity from the client and that's huge.

1:47 We also been able to proactively identify and resolve issues well before users even

1:52 realize that there's anything negative going on.

1:54 And all these items have really led to a positive experience from our users.

1:58 Being part of a district that is always looking to innovate and improve in the way that we

2:03 educate our students and support our staff.

2:06 our Juniper Mist Solutions really do allow us to provide scalability and growth within

2:11 our infrastructure.

2:14 This also provides the reliability and resiliency for all of our interconnected devices and

2:19 it provides our customers with the experience that they have now come to expect from our

2:23 Network.

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