Rami Rahim, CEO, Juniper Networks

Shifting to Experience First: How AI-Native Networking is Driving Exceptional Experiences and Operational Efficiencies

Rami Rahim, CEO, Juniper Networks
Shifting to Experience First: Why AI-Native Matters

Shifting to Experience First: Why AI-Native Matters

Juniper Networks CEO, Rami Rahim, shares his thoughts around disrupting the networking space and delivering value to the world at large. He describes Juniper’s shift from a focus on network performance to user experiences driven by the world’s first AI-Native Networking Platform. Breaking down the platform, Rami explains why it is the only true AIOps solution available, which delivers game-changing value to our customers.

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You’ll learn

  • Why AI-Native networking isn’t just a fancy word, framework, or “market-tecture"

  • The importance of having the right data, the right real-time response, and the right secure infrastructure

  • How customers achieve outcomes like a 90% elimination of network-related trouble tickets, 50% faster deployment times, and 60% cost avoidance

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Rami Rahim, CEO, Juniper Networks
Rami Rahim
CEO, Juniper Networks


0:01 [Music]

0:04 [Applause]

0:09 hello everyone and thank you for joining

0:11 us today Juniper was born in the age of

0:14 the internet and needless to say we've

0:17 played a massive role in enabling it to

0:19 become what we all know love and depend

0:22 on

0:23 today in fact the internet has become

0:26 the greatest vehicle for Innovation the

0:29 world has has ever seen but we are in

0:32 the middle of an even more seismic

0:35 technology shift right now and that is

0:38 artificial intelligence which is

0:41 undoubtedly the biggest Market

0:43 inflection of our time for us in

0:46 networking we're in a once in a

0:49 generation opportunity to rethink the

0:52 status quo and transform the world's

0:55 understanding of what a network can be

0:58 to truly dis disrupt our space and

1:01 fundamentally change the way we deliver

1:04 value To The World At

1:06 Large let's consider what our customers

1:09 all of you are up against first users

1:14 devices and apps are multiplying wildly

1:18 connected devices are supposed to double

1:20 by 2028 video streaming and sharing is

1:24 rising 30% a year and Global Internet

1:28 users are expected to hit 6 billion in

1:31 just 3 years overall internet traffic is

1:35 expected to guad ruple by

1:38 2028 additionally digital transformation

1:41 continues to reshape companies and

1:44 economies now it might seem like

1:46 everything around you is already digital

1:49 but I assure you there are a ton of

1:52 companies out there that are still doing

1:54 things in archaic ways and that is

1:57 changing fast digital transformation

2:00 spending is projected to reach $3.4

2:04 trillion across the world in just two

2:07 years which is almost 60% higher than

2:11 last year and don't forget the rise of

2:14 generative AI in just the last year

2:17 which represents a paradigm shift as the

2:20 world buzzes around its

2:23 possibilities Gartner estimates that in

2:26 just 2 years around 80% of Enterprises

2:30 will have deployed gen applications in

2:33 production

2:34 environments meanwhile recent data from

2:37 the US Department of Labor shows that it

2:40 sector only added 700 jobs in 2023 which

2:44 is a far cry from the

2:47 267,000 added the prior year you're

2:51 being asked to do way more with

2:56 less here's the thing the network lies

3:00 at the center of all of this and none of

3:03 it is slowing down and we need to be

3:06 more specific here because Legacy best

3:09 effort networking simply won't cut it

3:12 anymore the network needs to not only

3:15 work but to work well because if it

3:19 doesn't it can mean $35 million in Lost

3:23 revenue for Amazon for just an hour

3:26 outage in its distribution centers 1

3:30 million viewers missing the 100 meter

3:32 dash if BT's Network goes down for just

3:35 10 seconds during the

3:38 Olympics thousands of students miss

3:41 taking a test if a school system like

3:43 the Capel independent school districts

3:46 Network becomes inaccessible or just

3:49 flaky and at the VA with just 30 seconds

3:53 of lost visibility patient elopement can

3:56 happen and a patient can wander out the

3:59 door

4:02 the issue here is that the focus in our

4:04 industry for too long has remained

4:07 purely UNC

4:09 connectivity performance of devices the

4:11 status of network infrastructure the

4:13 speeds and throughput of equipment now

4:16 don't get me wrong those metrics will

4:18 remain an important piece of the puzzle

4:21 but today Network experiences are

4:24 fundamentally broken and the world needs

4:27 a new approach to delivering them

4:30 today we still say or at least hear

4:33 things like I paid for Wi-Fi at my hotel

4:36 but I still can't load new emails my

4:39 phone has full bars but my zoom call

4:42 keeps going in and out my internet is

4:45 down but there are no outages reported

4:47 in my

4:48 area just because someone is connected

4:52 does not mean they're experiencing a

4:55 great

4:56 connection this is why our EXP

4:59 experience first networking strategy is

5:01 now more important than ever when we

5:05 make that shift from Simply measuring

5:08 connectivity to instead focusing on the

5:11 experience for end users and for

5:14 operators everything

5:17 changes for end users it means

5:20 developers quickly and securely share

5:22 code and project data around the world

5:26 with confidence Shoppers find what they

5:29 need faster Enterprises rapidly get

5:33 business applications up and running

5:36 students seamlessly connect with each

5:38 other anytime anywhere

5:42 instantaneously and for operators

5:45 experience first means a 90% reduction

5:48 in network trouble tickets at service

5:51 now 85% fewer truck rolles to Gap Inc

5:56 stores 85% faster network service

5:59 provisioning for fast host and 50%

6:03 reduction in instant resolution time at

6:06 Orange

6:07 Egypt in fact customers small and large

6:11 are experiencing the benefits of our AI

6:14 Ops every single day and we care about

6:19 every single one of them because at

6:22 Juniper every customer is important the

6:25 experience of every connection is

6:27 important we make every every connection

6:31 count to translate this Mission into

6:34 action we've been busy building an AI

6:37 native networking platform which we just

6:40 announced in January of this year AI

6:43 native networking isn't just a fancy

6:45 word a framework or marketecture this is

6:49 a platform that will drive experience

6:52 first networking better than anyone else

6:54 in the market because real proven AI was

6:58 built into the the original product

7:01 architecture these are networks built

7:04 for AI optimized for AI from the very

7:09 beginning not a bolt-on like some of our

7:12 competitors think that they can

7:14 Hawk but how do we go about building

7:17 such a

7:17 platform we first need to start by

7:21 asking the right experience first

7:23 questions not questions like is the

7:25 network up questions like how do we

7:28 ensure every every user in every

7:31 location is getting a consistent

7:34 experience can the network adapt to fix

7:36 issues before users even know they exist

7:40 Does the network meet the needs of all

7:42 of its

7:44 stakeholders our answer to these

7:46 questions starts with having the right

7:49 technical

7:50 ingredients first and foremost it's

7:53 about having the industry's only true AI

7:56 Ops that's capable of running across the

7:58 entire endtoend

8:00 network but not all AI Ops is created

8:04 equal let's get specific about what

8:07 makes worldclass AI

8:10 Ops it starts with having the right data

8:14 because you can't fix what you don't

8:16 know needs fixing and fortunately we had

8:20 the unique foresight years ago to build

8:23 products in a way that makes it possible

8:25 to extract Rich network data from them

8:29 so now we're collecting mountains of the

8:33 right data from switches and access

8:35 points with routers and firewalls not

8:37 far behind that allow Network operators

8:40 to understand what end users are

8:45 experiencing of course it's not enough

8:48 just to collect the right data it's also

8:52 about what you do with it the response

8:55 must be timely and go beyond flashing

8:58 alarms by understanding the satisfaction

9:01 of every user on the network at all

9:04 times we solve problems for customers

9:08 before they ever realize there's an

9:10 issue bad AI Ops gives you flashing

9:14 lights and alarms often false ones the

9:17 it administrators eventually just

9:20 ignore good AI Ops Juniper aiops is

9:23 about proactively fixing issues before

9:27 they start affecting the experience

9:31 and lastly none of this is possible

9:34 without the right secure

9:37 infrastructure Juniper has the

9:39 industry's most scalable infrastructure

9:42 for the AI era from devices to operating

9:46 systems to Cloud hardware and software

9:49 it's infrastructure that's built to

9:51 process massive amounts of data and

9:54 importantly achieve gamechanging

9:56 outcomes with it so

9:59 real AI depends on three ingredients it

10:04 must have these three ingredients the

10:06 right data the right response and the

10:10 right infrastructure if you're missing

10:13 any of these you are out of luck you

10:16 just can't take an existing on-prem

10:19 solution throw it in the cloud and

10:21 expect results anywhere close to what we

10:24 can achieve with the right data the

10:27 right response and the right

10:28 infrastructure ructure built from the

10:33 start we've proven the efficacy of our

10:36 aiops in the campus and Branch but to us

10:41 aiops can and will be way more than that

10:45 if an application is having issues as

10:47 Zoom video gets jittery or a cell

10:49 connection keeps dropping it teams get

10:52 blasted with trouble tickets from end

10:55 users that often say the app isn't

10:57 working or the wi is bad it can be like

11:02 finding a needle in a Hast stack to

11:05 troubleshoot and fix incidents like

11:08 these the kind of problems the effect

11:11 end user experience can reside anywhere

11:13 through the network or even in the

11:15 application itself a software issue in

11:18 the data center a configuration problem

11:21 in a core router a bad cable

11:24 somewhere this is precisely why our

11:27 intent is to EXP and our AI Ops from the

11:31 end user all the way to the application

11:34 and across every Network domain

11:37 including campus and Branch Data Center

11:40 and wide area

11:41 networking because I imagine the world

11:45 where there simply are no more Network

11:48 trouble tickets anywhere no application

11:51 downtime or performance issues no

11:54 network outages no one even knows that

11:57 there is a network operating behind

11:59 behind the scenes there isn't a single

12:02 human touching the controls of the

12:04 infrastructure in fact there are no

12:06 controls or UI at all there's no need

12:09 because everything just works and works

12:11 well across every single

12:15 domain this is a vision we set out to

12:19 achieve years ago and we've been making

12:22 real progress in the last several

12:25 years we now have all the pieces in

12:28 place with our AI native networking

12:30 platform to bring it all together and

12:33 fully realize our vision in fact I

12:36 believe that in the very near future

12:39 we'll be able to guarantee that

12:41 organizations leveraging our AI native

12:43 networking platform will see at least

12:46 90% less Network trouble tickets after

12:49 deploying a juniper solution that

12:52 they'll speed up their deployments by

12:54 nine times that their network will see

12:58 five nines of assured uptime with

13:00 juniper AI working its magic in the

13:03 background this is what we are working

13:06 toward and in just a short bit you're

13:09 going to hear from our technical leaders

13:11 exactly how we are differentiating with

13:14 AI not only with exciting new product

13:17 updates in the nextg campus and Branch

13:20 where mist has already shined for years

13:24 but also in modernizing the data center

13:26 to satisfy new AI workload specific

13:29 specific

13:31 requirements I believe AI is the biggest

13:34 Market inflection since the internet

13:37 itself and having already seen revenue

13:40 from missed AI powered products grow

13:43 nearly 70% year-over-year from 2022 to

13:48 2023 I have the utmost confidence that

13:51 as we extend AI Ops throughout all

13:54 layers of the network with our AI native

13:57 networking platform we will continue

14:00 delivering gamechanging value to our

14:05 customers it should be clear by now the

14:08 AI isn't an embellishment for us it's

14:11 the backbone of how we envision the

14:14 future thank you very

14:17 [Music]

14:22 much

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