Rami Rahim, CEP Juniper Networks

MWC 2024 GSMA Keynote 7: Powering the Future, Antonio Neri & Rami Rahim

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MWC 2024 GSMA Keynote 7: Powering the Future, Antonio Neri & Rami Rahim

5G Advanced, the next evolutionary step in 5G technology, is bringing a new level of enhanced capabilities that go beyond connectivity and enable a wide set of vertical use cases. As virtual networks, or 5G slicing, can be tailored to each use case, the boundaries of technological innovation and the experience for consumers and enterprise are being maximised on unprecedented scales. Delivering speeds up to 10 times faster for both uplink and downlink speeds, virtual worlds can now meet reality using state-of the art tools to increase collaboration, improve execution and accelerate innovation. Networks are gaining more intelligence, and the possibilities are truly endless.

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You’ll learn

  • Antonio Neri, the CEO of HP, shares insights into how connectivity forms the backbone of digital transformation, enabling businesses to digitize, automate, and deliver new experiences.

  • Gain insights into how Juniper Networks, under CEO Ramy Rahim's leadership, is positioning itself at the forefront of the AI revolution in networking. The discussion sheds light on the company's strategic focus on silicon, system, and software innovations that enable AI-driven operations (AI Ops) and simplify global network management.

  • Discover the objectives and expected outcomes of the planned HPE acquisition of Juniper Networks, particularly in how it aims to transform networking and IT infrastructure across telecom and enterprise domains.

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Rami Rahim Headshot
Rami Rahim
CEP Juniper Networks
Antonio Neri
President and CEO, HPE


0:00 so let me welcome Antonio ner Antonio

0:03 the CEO of ulet parer Enterprise he has

0:06 been the president and CEO of HP since

0:11 2018 before becoming the CEO he spent

0:14 more than 20 years at the company

0:16 holding numerous leadership position

0:20 please join me in welcoming Antonio ner

0:22 to Stage

0:28 Antonio

0:38 all

0:40 right Antonio is a very famous man by

0:42 the way okay just

0:45 saying so Antonio I have a couple of

0:48 questions for

0:49 you we talk about modern infrastructure

0:53 yeah that's powering the future of

0:54 business today right and I know that HP

0:57 strategy has encompassed the edge for

1:00 several

1:01 years will you share more all of us how

1:04 HP views the Telco sector and is r in

1:07 the market to help companies reinvent

1:10 their

1:10 businesses well first of all thank you

1:12 for having me and good afternoon

1:14 everyone uh it's great to be here um you

1:17 know our strategy has been informed by

1:19 the mega Trends I saw early in my tenure

1:21 as a CEO I saw that Enterprise in the

1:24 future will be more Edge Centric Cloud

1:27 Ena and data driven what that means the

1:29 edge

1:30 is where we live where we work where a

1:32 lot of the onramp to digital processes

1:35 really happen and in doing so the first

1:38 step is really to be connected without

1:40 the connectivity you can digitize you

1:43 can automate your Enterprise and you can

1:45 deliver these new experiences some of

1:48 the technology you spoke in your early

1:51 remarks can really accelerate the

1:54 Enterprise and so we as a company make a

1:56 big bet at the time to you know invest

1:59 at the edge and working with a partner

2:01 ecosystem that's why this conference is

2:04 great for us because we have amazing set

2:06 of Partners throughout the venue but our

2:09 Focus was really at the time into the

2:11 campus and branch and bring together a

2:13 series of Technologies and a cloud

2:15 native approach wrapping the security in

2:18 the AI so that we can use that

2:20 connectivity layer to digitize and

2:23 automate but the second step was to

2:25 bring the cloud experience because for

2:27 us cloud is not a specific destination

2:30 is an experience that ultr you need to

2:33 bring to all your applications and data

2:35 wherever they live and obviously the

2:38 Enterprise today is way more distributed

2:40 than ever before and we understood in

2:42 fact late in the 2010s that the hybrid

2:47 experience is the key you can't put all

2:49 your data and your applications in one

2:51 location wherever it may be on Prem or

2:54 even in the public Cloud so we decided

2:57 to build a hybrid experience with the

3:00 cloud principles in mind and I was

3:03 listening to you and talk about also the

3:06 paradigm shift that's taking place in

3:08 the way customers consume technology and

3:11 so while we were you know focusing on

3:14 the hybrid experience we also changed

3:16 the way people consume technology and

3:19 therefore we enacted what is today known

3:22 as HP Green Lake a hybrid Cloud platform

3:24 we want to call it the fourth Cloud for

3:26 that matter which ultimately allows you

3:28 to consume C Apex subscription and

3:31 consumption in the same platform But

3:34 ultimately everything we do is

3:37 architected to that unified experience

3:40 and last but not least was the data

3:41 driven approach I have to say I was not

3:44 that futuristic to understand the AI

3:48 massive inflection point we got in the

3:50 last 12 15 months but I did and I did

3:53 understood and understand that the fact

3:55 that data is the most valuable asset you

3:58 have yeah and in fact I argue at some

4:01 point Enterprises will have to record

4:04 data in the balance sheet you are in the

4:06 business of auditing and providing you

4:09 know counseling and all those great

4:12 services but think about it you you

4:14 record an asset let's say a building or

4:16 capital expenditure I believe at some

4:18 point down the future you will have to

4:20 record the data is the most valuable IP

4:22 you have but with the ey obviously I

4:25 think is the most disruptive technology

4:27 in a lifetime it opens new opportunity

4:30 to improve business productivity which

4:32 is the core of the ey uh thesis and

4:35 obviously Drive the next level of

4:37 insights and there are remarkable

4:39 opportunities in there but for us the

4:42 connectivity in the networking space

4:45 with hybrid cloud nii is what we have

4:48 built inside our HP green leg platform

4:51 uh experience fantastic to see the

4:53 progress you have made at HP I have one

4:56 question about Juniper that we save for

4:58 the our next guest but let's touch on

5:02 the early progress C you the close of

5:04 athonet it's a company that you acquired

5:06 in the past to power the strategy that

5:08 you just talked about right how are you

5:10 seeing the integration accelerating the

5:12 strategies of your customers today well

5:15 I I don't think it's just outet right so

5:16 as I think about one of the the early um

5:20 you know Concepts and ultimately

5:23 development is to integrate the entire

5:26 connectivity layer from switching to

5:29 watch I to softer Define why there

5:32 Network to the extension to the manage

5:35 private Network which obviously private

5:37 5G is a major component and Anon it give

5:40 us that capability um with a very modern

5:44 Cloud architecture and so with Partners

5:46 here obviously we're working on

5:48 additional use cases but we already see

5:51 a significant uptick because think about

5:53 the use cases whether it's ports whether

5:55 it's defense whether it's health care

5:58 where you need persistent connectivity

6:00 low latency obviously a lot of density

6:04 environments need a level of resilience

6:07 and and performance but ultimately they

6:10 need to do it in a way that's way more

6:12 agile than ever before and so that's why

6:15 you know bringing that aspect to the

6:17 rest of the connectivity layer with the

6:19 same policy management the same

6:21 experience the same way to life cycle

6:24 manage the network was one aspect of it

6:27 so that's one aspect the other one was

6:29 the the soft defined WEA Network we did

6:31 an acquisition called Silver Peak and

6:33 then last but not least we also are

6:35 integrated the security obviously for

6:37 the service access service edge so we

6:41 are integrating our access security uh

6:44 security framework which covers all

6:46 three casby Swig and ztna together with

6:50 our sd1 to create an secc comprehensive

6:53 framework which is Cloud enabl in the

6:55 same platform inside HB Green Lake you

6:57 know when I was reading the information

6:59 and AET I was thinking about some of the

7:01 applications that you just mentioned

7:03 think about industrial manufacturing

7:05 yeah with smart factories with nobody

7:07 need if you can have you can control a

7:10 factory from a distance without no work

7:12 in the factory you need that low latency

7:14 you cannot have it the type of equipment

7:17 another application is in healthcare

7:20 remote surgery you cannot have remote

7:21 surgery with a delay well if you enable

7:25 robotics of sorts rights you know that's

7:27 you you can't fail yeah can fail with

7:29 that absolutely so why don't we do that

7:32 now next we are going to bring bring out

7:34 another CEO one that you know pretty

7:36 well now huh I do you bought this

7:38 company he's a Great's a great guy too

7:41 so now Ramy Rahim Ramy is has been the

7:44 CEO of Juniper Networks since 2014 and

7:47 he's also the member of the board of

7:49 directors and uh before becoming the CEO

7:52 uh Ramy started his Juniper career in

7:55 1997 I was young at that time yeah we

7:58 both started

8:00 exactly you know that's when we all

8:01 started our careers but it was EMP

8:03 number 32 now that's something right

8:05 that was the beginning I remember in my

8:07 early days as an as an engineer at

8:09 Motorola I was actually installing

8:10 Juniper equipment so that was quite

8:12 interesting so harami has been an EVP

8:15 and GM of juniper development and

8:17 Innovation organization so with that

8:19 Ramy why don't you come and join us

8:21 please Ramy CEO of Juniper

8:28 Networks

8:31 thank you so

8:36 [Music]

8:39 much so they are very good friends now

8:41 because he just his company we have been

8:44 for some time next time okay all right

8:48 all right so SB made a US announcement

8:51 it was in January actually by the way it

8:53 was just last January 11th January 11th

8:55 oh yeah you know exactly when it was

8:57 that was a big deal though for the

8:58 industry

8:59 but we when you think about the industry

9:01 today that was the first big deal of

9:03 2024 that we had that announcement that

9:06 Antonio made on January 11 about Juniper

9:08 coming to HP so first of all thank you

9:11 because you send a signal into the

9:12 market that deals are back okay so we

9:16 appreciate that okay as long as it makes

9:18 sense yeah it makes sense it's okay

9:21 yeah so what are the expectations on how

9:25 this will transform networking well I

9:28 think we need to step back and talk

9:29 about why we announced this deal I think

9:33 you know in the context of the comics I

9:35 made early on we obviously we are

9:37 experiencing this amazing inflection

9:40 point uh called Ai and when I think

9:43 about that inflection point it's fair to

9:45 say the AI will be an accelerator of

9:48 hybrid and the cloud and in doing so the

9:52 core tenant of that is the network think

9:55 about it how you bring the data to the

9:57 right acceleration of compute

9:59 to really either build these large

10:03 models and now we are talking about

10:05 trillions of parameters to potentially

10:08 fine-tuning these models with your data

10:11 you can give context to that model and

10:14 then eventually what the value is it

10:16 really is the deploying these models

10:18 which is the inference inside and so for

10:21 us it was about where we want to play

10:24 how we want to build where we want to

10:26 win and we believe that Network

10:30 aspect of the architecture is going to

10:32 be core core to the AI transition we we

10:36 we are experiencing and that's why when

10:38 we look at uh Juniper uh with Ramy we

10:42 felt this combination is going to give

10:44 the industry a new modern architecture

10:48 that it has been waiting for the network

10:51 I'm talking about for a long long time

10:54 and I think this is something that Ramy

10:55 and I are very committed to to develop

10:58 together we have an amazing we will have

11:01 an amazing combined team this is the

11:03 first time in the history of HP and

11:06 Juniper that together we're going to

11:08 have all the intellectual property to

11:11 really converge the network to automate

11:13 the network and then ultimately what is

11:16 the killer application for that is AI

11:18 but maybe I will ask Ramy how he think

11:20 about this because during the January 11

11:23 announcement I announced that Ramy once

11:26 the transaction closes it's going to

11:27 lead the business mhm

11:29 okay so I'm happy to weigh in and thanks

11:31 for the opportunity first I appreciate

11:32 the kind intro I have been a juniper for

11:35 a very long time and uh I started out my

11:38 career at the company as a silicon

11:40 developer and back then I recall uh we

11:43 were born in the age of the internet and

11:45 the Juniper was a really big bold bet on

11:49 an architectural transition that was

11:51 necessary to enable the internet to

11:53 scale to what it is today fast forward

11:57 to today as Antonio mentioned AI is the

12:00 next big inflection point and it's

12:02 probably no it's definitely going to be

12:04 bigger than the in Internet inflection

12:07 that happened several decades ago and I

12:10 believe that you need a similar sort of

12:12 mindset and bold thinking to pursue this

12:15 opportunity in its fullness uh so this

12:19 combination to me is about acceleration

12:23 of our Innovation to capture the full AI

12:26 opportunity from Silicon to system to

12:29 software as Antonio mentioned I fully

12:31 agree all of the technology components

12:34 necessary to build networks that enable

12:37 AI as well as the AI Ops that can

12:39 simplify the management and operations

12:42 of networks worldwide not to mention the

12:45 worldwide Channel and presence that HP

12:47 brings is really really interesting so

12:49 I'm excited wow this is a you should

12:53 have said that on January 11 this is

12:55 good we did we did but you know what

12:58 talk about the first deal of the year

13:01 you know it just happened to be that way

13:03 but we have in our cultureal beliefs two

13:05 key messages that we trying to resonate

13:08 one is we accelerate what is next I

13:11 think this is an opportunity to

13:12 accelerate what comes next with this

13:14 amazing opportunity with a lot of

13:16 challenges obviously and the other one

13:18 is the fortunes favor The Bold and so

13:22 you have to have the courage and the

13:24 conviction and

13:25 believing what you think is going to

13:27 happen and that go for it and this is

13:30 what we're doing together with Ramy

13:32 talking about what will happen next so

13:34 this is Mobile World Congress and uh we

13:37 both know haven't been out U all of us

13:39 know having been the industry for a long

13:40 time right here in Barcelona since 2006

13:43 right Global Gathering of the Telecom

13:46 Industries and now 60% of the people

13:48 here actually not from the Telecom

13:50 industry

13:51 right can you give us an indication of

13:54 how the combined company will address

13:56 this Market the telom market but also

13:58 companies at large the Enterprise mhm

14:01 sure uh I think people don't know but HP

14:04 when you think about the vertical

14:06 approach tlco has been one of the two

14:09 top two verticals we do business with

14:12 obviously we come from a comput Centric

14:15 and call it uh you know Cloud Centric

14:19 approach he obviously comes from the

14:22 core Network approach with the service

14:24 provider business but ultimately the

14:27 convergence that we see between in the U

14:29 kind of the telecommunication side and

14:31 the IT side and I think these Trends

14:34 comes every so many years call it every

14:37 decade right so if think about it you

14:39 know we chatting before where I came

14:41 from the PC client server you know very

14:43 distributive then we went centralized

14:46 think about your phone that's your

14:47 terminal you can do so many things but

14:50 the main frame is the cloud and now we

14:52 are going to live in both worlds with

14:54 the eye being you know what I think is

14:57 going to be one of the most interesting

14:59 applications of Technology but that said

15:02 I think this convergence is going to be

15:04 accelerated and there is opportunity to

15:06 partner together to do something amazing

15:09 that not only advances the business but

15:12 also society as a whole I think of

15:15 connectivity as an important aspect for

15:17 society not different than water

15:19 electricity we must make it inclusive

15:22 and we must make it sustainable AI is

15:26 going to demand a lot of key Innovation

15:29 to reduce power and increase performance

15:32 at the same time What will reduce cost

15:35 and HP together with juner we intend to

15:37 do that using our assets and an amazing

15:40 knowhow in engineering capabilities to

15:42 take advantage of this I think an

15:44 opportunity in 10 years Remy you know

15:48 Juniper was born as trusted advisors for

15:52 Telos our very first customer was a

15:55 telecom operator for years we were

15:57 exclusively selling to Telecom operators

16:00 and uh that's never going to change um

16:04 when I reflect now on where we are today

16:06 despite the fact that we have

16:07 transitioned over half of our business

16:10 to the Enterprise we've never lost focus

16:13 on the incredibly important vertical for

16:16 us of the service providers um first of

16:20 all I think all of our service provider

16:22 customers understand that our strategy

16:26 of pursuing and diversifying our

16:27 business into the ENT rise has only

16:29 helped it gives us the scale and the

16:31 ability to invest more in solutions that

16:33 are applicable everywhere increasingly

16:35 the solutions that we develop for high

16:37 performance networking and highly

16:38 automated AI powered networks are

16:41 applicable to Telos and to

16:43 Enterprises and last but not least when

16:46 I think about the potential of this

16:48 combination the components that HP

16:51 brings to the table again across all

16:53 layers of it but then Technologies like

16:56 AET some of the software capability that

16:59 HP has built and accumulated over the

17:01 years that can increase the relevance of

17:04 our solutions to solve some of our

17:07 service wider customers most pressing

17:09 challenges today honestly I just can't

17:11 wait we got to get through this

17:13 regulatory process but I honestly can't

17:15 wait to the other side of it so we can

17:17 demonstrate to our customers what we can

17:19 do as a single company you know it's

17:21 very interesting from what we just heard

17:23 here the fact that it is not only one

17:27 technology that makes it difference the

17:29 full stack how you just mentioned

17:32 right there is AI is going to be a big

17:35 disrupture for all businesses that we

17:36 serve today but there's no AI without

17:40 data there's data with there's no data

17:43 without sensors capturing that data but

17:45 you need to move the data therefore

17:47 there is no cloud and and AI with that

17:51 connectivity but highspeed connectivity

17:54 sustainable connectivity from what I

17:55 just heard from you this is great and

17:57 this is how when we think about the

17:58 future of business it's not just one

18:00 technology It's a combination of all the

18:02 technologies that can make a difference

18:04 for all the business that the audience

18:06 today is currently serving MH Antonio

18:09 Ramy thank you very much for for your

18:11 marks really appreciate it okay thank

18:13 you and

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