Networking Solutions for Higher Education IT Needs

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How does Juniper help higher education IT? So many ways.

Higher education IT departments face challenges unlike any other large organization. And that’s where Juniper’s Marvis Mist AI’s virtual network assistant can help. It uses machine learning to identify and address network errors. Follow along for an overview of how Juniper networking solutions support the challenges and needs of IT in higher education.

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You’ll learn

  • About localized services, such as turn by turn wayfinding and real time insight, to help students know the locations of their classes 

  • How faculty can tap football analytics to monitor class attendance trends

  • How to get a simple, single networking solution for higher education networking needs

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 [Music]

0:00 it's the first day of school and nerves

0:02 are flying

0:03 jane is a freshman and anxious about

0:06 finding all of her classes paul is the

0:08 i.t director and he's worried that the

0:10 influx of students will cause network

0:12 problems that he and his team can't

0:14 handle

0:15 paul knows the campus network isn't

0:17 going to be able to keep up with the

0:18 demand of the first day of school it's

0:21 frustrating and overloads the it

0:23 department with too many services

0:25 software

0:26 and devices to check

0:28 well paul we've got a solution for you

0:31 and jane

0:33 juniper networks

0:35 marvis missed ai's virtual network

0:38 assistant uses machine learning to help

0:40 identify and proactively address network

0:42 errors so when jane encounters a problem

0:46 our system can automatically detect the

0:48 issue and notifies paul and his team to

0:51 solve it at lightning speed the power of

0:53 juniper's missed ai can provide

0:55 localized services on campus such as

0:58 turn-by-turn way-finding and real-time

1:00 insight so jane can see exactly where

1:03 her classes are

1:05 faculty can also harvest football

1:07 analytics to monitor class attendance

1:09 trends

1:10 so paul jane you can relax and enjoy the

1:14 first day of school with a simple single

1:17 networking solution for all higher

1:19 education it needs

1:21 juniper experience first networking

1:25 contact us today for a free demo

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