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Juniper AI-Driven Enterprise Validation With Market Momentum

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A screen capture showing the host Jeff Aaron, VP of Enterprise Marketing, Juniper Networks. The slide’s title says, “Juniper’s True North: Experience-First Networking.” Below that is a pyramid with three levels. The top level says, “Experience-first Networking.” The middle layer says, “Automated WAN, Cloud-Ready Data Center, AI-Driven Enterprise, Connected Security.” The bottom layer says, “Proactive automation/Self-Driving, Assured Experiences, and Cloud simplicity and scale.” Below that is a URL that says, “”

Use cases, updates, and a preview of Networking Field Day 27 — it’s all here in this short video. 

Experience-first networking is Juniper’s true North, according to Jeff Aaron, VP of Enterprise Marketing. It’s driven by artificial intelligence and a focus on customer experiences rather than speeds and feeds. List for details, as well as a preview of other speakers on Networking Field Day 27. 

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You’ll learn

  • About the AI-driven enterprise, plus Juniper’s business momentum

  • Three primary uses cases: Full stack solution, extending existing offerings to the WAN, and hosting applications in the cloud

  • The topics presented in additional Networking Field Day 27 presentations

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Jeff Aaron
VP of Enterprise Marketing, Juniper Networks


0:08 um we're really excited to be here you

0:10 know my name is is jeff aaron i am a

0:12 head of enterprise marketing here at

0:14 juniper and i'm really just going to set

0:16 the stage for just a really awesome

0:19 array of speakers that's going to talk

0:21 about you know a variety of things

0:22 across our portfolio primarily focus on

0:24 the agent driven enterprise um just to

0:27 set the stage a little bit um juniper

0:30 last year you know announced what we you

0:32 know really consider our true north and

0:34 it's around uh experience first

0:35 networking so it's kind of you know

0:37 elevating the traditional way of looking

0:40 at networks you know against or away

0:42 from just uptime and away from just

0:44 speeds and feeds more towards actual

0:46 user and operator experiences and with

0:48 that it's about you know leveraging

0:49 assurance and automation and just better

0:52 insight where um you know things like ai

0:54 really lead to that equation so today

0:57 you know while we have this whole

0:58 portfolio everything from land routing

0:59 to the data center to the campus and

1:01 branch what we call the age of an

1:03 enterprise which includes our wired

1:05 wireless and sd-wan all part of the same

1:07 missed ai and cloud today we're going to

1:10 focus on that last bit that ai driven

1:12 enterprise and in particular the main

1:14 focus is going to be on on the sd-wan

1:16 why

1:17 well for one

1:18 tom you didn't bring this up today is

1:20 128.

1:24 why do you think we chose to go on the

1:25 last day right and so you know 128 is

1:27 obviously a a key part of our portfolio

1:30 january 28th is like our cinco de mayo

1:33 it's the day that you know traditionally

1:35 uh we celebrate um you know uh uh when

1:38 the wan edge and we're going to do no

1:40 less today and so we're really excited

1:41 about that and so we're going to talk a

1:43 lot about that

1:44 um also why did we choose today well

1:46 yesterday actually was our earnings call

1:48 so we want to actually come in here and

1:49 actually give real numbers to some of

1:51 the amazing things that we've been

1:53 seeing uh last quarter and and last year

1:56 and look

1:57 i mean you may have sat through the

1:58 earnings call you know and and rami and

2:00 ken have to follow a script and uh you

2:02 know meter their energy i don't have to

2:04 do that and i can say that it's just

2:06 been an amazing time right now for

2:07 juniper enterprise business five years

2:10 of consecutive growth over 1.6 billion

2:12 dollars last quarter records for wi-fi

2:16 records for wired access triple digit

2:18 growth for sd-wan i mean we are

2:20 literally hitting on all cylinders and

2:22 again this ai german enterprise the

2:24 campus and branch is a big reason for

2:25 that

2:27 we get asked a lot when we talk about

2:28 sd-wan well you guys are are late so how

2:31 do you mirror that same momentum the

2:33 same energy that you guys are doing in

2:34 wired wireless in that space and so

2:36 there's three primarily use cases that

2:38 we're focusing on that you're going to

2:40 hear about later today

2:41 the first one full stack you know we

2:44 have companies like a major uh a global

2:48 energy company you know a major global

2:50 bank that say look we want wired we want

2:53 wireless we want sd-wan all together

2:55 we're going to do an rfp for everything

2:57 and when that comes out we are we are

2:59 sitting pretty right because again we

3:01 are the only vendor that has wi-fi wired

3:04 sd-wan all together common ai engine

3:06 common cloud that really provides a lot

3:08 of benefits in terms of automation and

3:10 insight

3:10 secondly we go to all those great you

3:12 know wireless customers those missed

3:14 customers wired customers who love using

3:16 marvis who love using our assurance and

3:18 say wouldn't you love that to extend

3:20 across the land so leveraging that

3:21 incumbency to expand the wan edge is our

3:24 second biggest use case and our third is

3:26 applications hosted in the cloud

3:29 and the reason that's so important is

3:30 when reed talks about ssr you're going

3:32 to hear one of the key things that make

3:33 that different and and that's the fact

3:35 that it is a tunnel free technology and

3:37 so that really eliminates a lot of the

3:39 overhead associated with with using

3:41 tunnels across the land now that

3:43 certainly helps on the on the actual

3:45 link side but also that has a hidden

3:48 savings in terms of when bandwidth uh uh

3:50 hosting costs in the cloud so anyone

3:53 that's actually hosting their

3:54 applications in the cloud if they want

3:56 to minimize those costs and avoid

3:58 sticker shock that comes at the end of

4:00 the month we really help quite a bit by

4:02 limiting those tunnels so again those

4:04 are some of the top use cases as you'll

4:06 you'll see that this also lends itself

4:07 to a go to market that's especially

4:09 angled towards msps and again these are

4:11 the ones that are really embracing this

4:13 that are adopting this and really taking

4:15 this forward and for that we want to

4:16 thank them but also this is why we're

4:18 really excited okay so what are we going

4:20 to talk about today

4:22 so again we are going to start off with

4:23 the ai driven enterprise and talk about

4:25 how things are coming together and in

4:27 fact we had a huge launch about a week

4:29 ago where we finished off that last

4:32 piece of bringing ssr into the missed

4:34 domain a year ago we started with day

4:36 two operations last week we announced

4:38 that we now have day zero and day one

4:40 where you can actually just literally

4:41 bring it into the cloud do zero touch

4:42 configuration and do all those great

4:45 things you did on wired wireless now on

4:46 the wan edge we also announced things

4:48 like new ssr hardware which again reed

4:50 will show

4:51 as part of his demo but to start cd

4:53 armada is going to talk about that

4:54 journey that ai driven enterprise that

4:56 client to cloud how we got here and

4:58 where we're going then we got reed and

5:00 adam that are kind of come in and do

5:02 that double click on ssr that amazing

5:04 technology that we got from 128 they're

5:06 going to show a demo again showing some

5:07 of those things we announced last week

5:09 and tom as you bought brought out um you

5:11 know we can't come to an nfd and not

5:13 talk about the rest of that that that

5:15 portfolio so we're going to talk about

5:16 the our wired piece and some of the way

5:18 that hanson is there and obviously uh

5:21 hitting hitting cleanup is west purvis

5:22 is going to talk about some of the

5:24 latest wi-fi enhancements

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