Baseline and Anomaly Detection in Juniper Mist

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Screenshot of Mist’s Board Room AP screen showcasing the ability to correlate effect of a system change on SLE performance metric.

Gain real insight into user experiences with Juniper Mist AI.

IT managers rejoice: Thanks to Juniper Mist AI™, radio resource management is no longer a black hole. Watch how Mist AI’s intelligent baseline and anomaly detection provides real insight into how system changes impact the user experience.

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper Mist AI’s baseline and anomaly detection can correlate the effect of a system change on SLE performance metrics

  • How Juniper Mist AI can spot trends needing attention across device types and identify trouble spots

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 drill down to see if issues are

0:01 happening in a specific period of time

0:04 or are a result of recent system changes

0:07 radio resource management is no longer a

0:10 black hole you can now see what the

0:12 impact of any changes are on the user

0:15 experience

0:17 Mist lets you spot Trends across device

0:19 types operating systems and applications

0:23 pinpointing the areas that need

0:25 immediate attention and those ah

0:28 maybe not so critical and with mist you

0:30 can identify Troublesome APS and or W

0:33 lands and spend your time on where it

0:36 matters the most

0:38 all of these insights are possible

0:40 because now you have real insight to the

0:42 user experience

0:45 and with the first generation cloud

0:46 provider all you're going to get is an

0:49 event log

0:50 and taking a look at another popular

0:52 vendor

0:53 I see events I see Mac addresses

0:57 and a path to an access point CLI this

1:01 is Back to the Future

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