Ali Tizghadam, Principal Technology Architect, Network Softwarization, TELUS

TELUS Offers Better and Faster Connectivity to its 16 Million Customers Across Canada

@ Juniper 5G
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A woman is standing on a city street with her phone face up in her hand. There is a virtual 3D screen floating on top of her cell phone and it looks like she is going to touch the virtual screen with her hand. The image is meant to show off a future technology.

How one organization offered faster and better service to 16 million customers

In this short video, you’ll see how Canada-based TELUS worked with Juniper to automate the test, validation and certification of 5G and other services. Open source networking, and a partnership with Juniper, changed the game for TELUS. It can do the same for your business. 

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You’ll learn

  • Why TELUS chose Juniper to be its partner on its network softwarization journey 

  • How the newest partnership between Juniper and TELUS is focused on test automation 

  • How the Juniper partnership enables TELUS to offer better quality services and faster time to service introduction 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


Ali Tizghadam Headshot
Ali Tizghadam
Principal Technology Architect, Network Softwarization, TELUS


0:00 [Music]

0:02 the emergence of open networking changed

0:05 the game telus has built its

0:07 programmable network infrastructure and

0:09 moves more and more towards adopting

0:11 open networking gears network

0:14 disaggregation and software reform

0:15 control of the network in this journey

0:19 we are looking for vendors who are more

0:21 aligned with this strategy and those who

0:24 would like to be our true partners even

0:26 incredible juniper has been with us in

0:29 many parts of our network's

0:31 authorization journey our most recent

0:33 partnership with juniper is centered

0:36 around test automation

0:38 we have leveraged juniper's metal

0:41 product which is a test to it primarily

0:45 based on an open source which is called

0:47 robots

0:48 and they are currently finalizing

0:50 knowledge transfer and the first phase

0:52 of deployment and even in this initial

0:55 phase there has been a piece of

0:57 development that is done for us to

0:59 provide custom apis that we have asked

1:02 to be consumed within our applications

1:07 [Music]

1:16 you

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