Juniper RAN Intelligent Controller - Energy Saving Use Case

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Protecting the planet and saving costs

The RAN (Radio Access Network) consumes about 70% of a 5G network’s energy consumption. Juniper RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) enables service providers to deliver services with varying SLAs, and prioritize key users while protecting the planet, and saving cost, with smart energy-saving solutions.

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You’ll learn

  • Features of Juniper’s RIC

  • Examples of how RIC contributes to sustainability 

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0:00 [Music]

0:04 the ram consumes about 70 percent of a

0:07 5G Network's energy

0:09 with Juniper's Rick you can not only

0:11 deliver services with varying slas and

0:14 prioritize key users but also protect

0:17 the planet and save cost with Smart

0:19 Energy Saving Solutions

0:21 for example at times of low traffic the

0:23 Rick can steer users away from sparsely

0:26 populated booster cells by enforcing

0:28 policy on the CU and du so the cells can

0:31 be shut down until they're needed again

0:33 foreign

0:36 can boost the power of neighboring cells

0:39 to compensate and provide the additional

0:41 coverage needed to shift users from

0:43 underutilized booster cells

0:46 the rip can switch off unneeded RF

0:49 channels of a massive mimo antenna at

0:52 certain times of the day for example

0:54 vertical beam forming might be used to

0:55 reach high-rise offices but is only

0:58 required during business hours

1:00 so now you can deliver all the mobile

1:02 services you need and still meet your

1:04 sustainability targets

1:06 [Music]

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