Juniper RAN Intelligent Controller — Admission Control Use Case

5GNetwork Automation
An image of a simulated city. Two signs say, “PDU Allocation 500” and “PDU Allocation 400.”

Some user types are priorities, and Juniper’s RIC makes that possible.

Schools, law enforcement, healthcare — these users oftentimes require priority service from service providers. Watch this short video to see how you can increase resources to priority users during times of need, then reallocate them back to public use. 

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper’s RIC allows for real-time tracking and enforcement of radio resources

  • How Juniper’s Admission Control application intelligently enforces admission control parameters

  • The role Juniper Tenant/Slice-Aware Admission Control plays in allocating resources

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:05 with juniper's rig you can now provide

0:07 priority services for any user type at

0:09 any time for example you could increase

0:11 the amount of radio resources allocated

0:13 to schools specifically at the times

0:15 when schools are open and then

0:16 reallocate them to public users when the

0:18 schools are closed or during medical

0:20 emergencies you could increase the

0:22 resources available to hospitals

0:24 restoring those resources to public

0:25 users once the situation has returned to

0:27 normal juniper's rick enables real-time

0:30 tracking and enforcement of your radio

0:31 resources using tenant or slice aware

0:34 emission control

0:35 juniper admission control application

0:37 intelligently distributes slice-specific

0:39 admission control parameters enforcing

0:41 them on cus and d-us to limit the

0:43 maximum pdus and ues per slice

0:46 now you can control admission to your

0:48 network for different types of users at

0:50 different times all the time

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