Juniper RAN Intelligent Controller - RAN Slice SLA Assurance Use Case

A diagram overlaid on a background of a large city. The diagram shows a meter with the label, “LEVEL AGREEMENT (SLA).” Other text says, “Service Management and Orchestration,” “RAN Slice SLA Assurance rApp,” and “Non-RT RIC.” Below that we see three dotted lines (blue, red, green) that look like subway lines. The text along the lines says, “O-RU,” “O-DU,” and “O-CU.”

Realize the potential of network slicing with Juniper’s RAN Slice SLA Assurance application.

Network slicing enables multiple independent end-to-end logical networks to be created on-demand and run on a shared physical infrastructure. Each slice is built for a specific communication service and can provide prescribed quality-of-service SLAs (service level agreements). Watch this short video to understand how Juniper’s RIC RAN Slice SLA Assurance application can assure the delivery of different SLAs for each slice.

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You’ll learn

  • How the app monitors slice performance metrics and resource utilization levels across all slices

  • How, if the app detects an SLA violation, it will initiate corrective actions and adjust performance targets

  • How the app uses performance guidance to update resource allocations levels on CUs and DUs

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