RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) — Unlocking the True Potential of O-RAN

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Why Juniper’s RIC belongs in your O-RAN toolbox.

Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) is rapidly changing how we manage mobile networks, but without an effective RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC), O-RAN cannot live up to its full potential. Watch this short video to see why Juniper’s home-grown RIC changes that.

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You’ll learn

  • Why RICs are considered to be the operating systems for O-RAN

  • How Juniper’s RIC enables programmable, intelligent, and interoperable mobile networks

  • Specific use cases when using Juniper’s RIC

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:03 Mobile networks have always evolved...

0:05 adopting new architectures...

0:07 delivering new experiences.

0:09 In the latest architectural shift, Open RAN is making mobile networks

0:12 more programmable, intelligent and interoperable.

0:16 And a new component, the RAN Intelligent Controller, or RIC,

0:20 adds even more capabilities to the network.

0:23 The RIC is essentially the operating system for the RAN,

0:26 allowing you to onboard applications to improve network performance,

0:30 increase business agility and reduce costs.

0:33 It allows you to deliver personalized experiences,

0:36 such as preferential treatment for first responders,

0:38 or a premium experience for gaming users.

0:41 RIC can create new revenue streams.

0:44 You can enforce SLAs for network slicing for different groups of users,

0:48 such as a factory that needs reliable low latency connectivity,

0:51 or for sports fans using AR & VR.

0:55 You can provide indoor location-based services in public areas,

0:58 such as shopping malls, or to enhance safety across industrial sites.

1:02 And you can lower costs by sharing RAN infrastructure

1:05 and by optimizing energy efficiency.

1:08 Juniper’s RIC is an integral part of its SMO,

1:10 a multi-tenant, multi-cloud and multi-domain

1:13 Service Management and Orchestration Platform

1:15 that delivers end-to-end network slicing.

1:19 Juniper’s RIC is open and interoperable.

1:21 It allows to you onboard third party apps,

1:23 and even interoperate with another vendor’s SMO.

1:27 Juniper is at the heart of this new approach,

1:29 innovating and collaborating across the whole community

1:32 with its proven networking experience and expertise.

1:36 Juniper’s RIC also supports powerful AI capabilities,

1:39 leveraging Juniper’s market leadership in AI-driven Networking.

1:44 Juniper’s RIC is an essential part of

1:45 delivering the experience that matters to your customers.

1:49 At Juniper, we call this Experience-First Networking.

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