CN2 on Minikube

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The still from the demo video is the title slide featuring white text on a black background. It includes the title at the top, which reads: “CN2 on Minikube.” The subhead says, “Easy and convenient access to advanced CN2 networking.” The Juniper logo and tagline, Driven by Experience, are featured in the bottom right corner.

Thanks to Minikube, learning CN2 has never been easier.

Are you an IT developer or DevOps engineer interested in learning advanced networking skills? Well, you’re in luck. Thanks to the open-source tool Minikube, it’s now easier and more convenient than ever to learn and experiment with CN2 (Cloud Native Contrail Networking), a modern, Kubernetes-native SDN for hybrid-cloud networking. Watch this short demo to get started. 

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You’ll learn

  • How CN2 can be fun from Minikube on a local Linux, MAC, or Windows computer

  • How creating a CN2 cluster on Minikube is as simple as issuing a single command 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 [Music]

0:11 cloud native control networking or cn2

0:13 for short is a modern kubernetes native

0:16 sdn for hybrid cloud networking

0:19 while cn2 delivers advanced security

0:21 multi-cluster management and scalable

0:23 virtual networking learning cn2 has

0:26 never been easier

0:27 cn2 can be run from minicube an open

0:30 source tool to operate kubernetes from a

0:32 local linux mac or windows computer

0:36 support for minicube gives it developers

0:39 devops engineers and others interested

0:41 in learning advanced networking skills

0:43 easy and convenient access to learn and

0:45 experiment with cn2

0:49 creating a cn2 cluster on minicube is as

0:51 simple as issuing a single command

0:54 in this demonstration a mini cube

0:56 platform is created on a virtual machine

0:58 with 7 gigs of memory 3 cpus and the

1:01 default disk size of 20 gigabytes

1:05 after about a minute the mini cube

1:07 components and add-ons are installed and

1:09 running

1:11 using cube cuddle a kubernetes open

1:13 source command line interface the status

1:15 of the mini cube pod can be checked

1:19 here the cube system entries are

1:20 verified rendering a full running

1:22 kubernetes cluster

1:24 in addition the contrail deployer has

1:26 launched to create the cn2 control plane

1:28 and v router forwarding plane on a

1:30 single host cn2 deployment

1:35 after approximately six minutes the

1:37 installation is successful resulting in

1:39 the deployment of a complete mini cube

1:41 cluster running a full cn2 network stack

1:48 to learn more visit cn2 free

1:52 trial

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