CN2 VNR with Labels

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The still image is the title slide from the demo. The title reads, “CN2 Virtual Network Router (VNR).” The subtitle is, “Routing policy using labels.” The text is white and appears in a black box. The Juniper logo is in the bottom right corner.

See how — and why — to consider VNR with labels for routing.

In this demo video, you’ll discover an alternative mechanism for enabling routing using a virtual network router (VNR) with labels. This makes it easy for VNRs to establish network reachability for dynamic and fluid cloud workloads and clients. 

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You’ll learn

  • How to establish network reachability using a VNR with labels 

  • How a ping test can show successful connectivity 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals


0:00 [Music]

0:08 thank you

0:12 in a previous video routing policy with

0:15 shared root targets was used to enable

0:17 routing between two virtual networks in

0:20 this video an alternative mechanism to

0:22 enable routing using a virtual Network

0:25 router or vnr with labels is

0:27 demonstrated making it easy for vnrs to

0:30 establish Network reachability for

0:32 dynamic and fluid cloud workloads and

0:35 clients

0:36 our lab setup has two virtual networks a

0:40 red VN and a green VN both within the

0:42 multinet namespace as demonstrated with

0:45 this ping test without a defined root

0:48 Target clients on each VN are isolated

0:50 and unable to communicate

0:54 for this demonstration a vnr named green

0:57 red vnr is created

1:01 as defined in the yaml Manifest this is

1:04 a full mesh vnr residing in the multinet

1:06 namespace in per the match expression

1:09 this vnr applies only to Virtual

1:12 networks with the green red vnr label

1:19 first the vnr is Created from the green

1:22 red vnr yaml file

1:25 next the green red vnr label is applied

1:29 to both the green and the red virtual

1:31 Networks

1:39 a quick review shows that the green red

1:41 vnr label has been applied to both

1:43 virtual Networks

1:49 with the labels applied a ping test from

1:52 a red client to a green client show

1:54 successful network connectivity

1:58 to learn more visit cn2 free

2:02 trial

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