Northeast Georgia Health System improves community health with AI-driven Juniper network

One million people in the mountains of Georgia rely on Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS) for world-class care. A not-for-profit community hospital, NGHS is an ambitious innovator in improving clinical and business outcomes. In 2020, NGHS was recognized with a Level 9 certification on Healthcare’s Most Wired. It’s the health system’s seventh time on the prestigious list.

NGHS has relied on Juniper for enterprise core, campus, and data center networking for more than a decade, and most recently it shifted to Juniper wireless network, powered by Mist AI, for its hospitals.


Company Northeast Georgia Health System
Industry Healthcare
Products used Wireless (Wi-Fi) AssuranceWireless Access PointsWired AssuranceEX SeriesQFX10002MX480MX240
Region Americas
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Customer Success At-a-glance


Faster to provision backup connectivity to administrative buildings


Time savings in Wi-Fi installation


Of the most wired hospitals in the U.S.


NGHS had solid, reliable Wi-Fi. But when it was time to upgrade its wireless LAN controllers to the latest software, NGHS wanted better. Chris Paravate, CIO at NGHS, took the opportunity to explore cloud-managed networks.

Paravate recognized the strategic advantage of using AI and analytics to deliver an optimized experience over a unified wired and wireless network. NGHS began to explore Juniper wireless services, driven by Mist AI.

“Mist AI was very appealing from a technical point of view,” says Paravate. “NGHS is bullish on how Juniper is leveraging the AI and analytics capabilities of Mist into its structured networking solutions.”


AI-driven network operations presents a compelling reason to change

NGHS is rolling out Juniper Wireless Services, driven by Mist AI, across its hospitals, clinics, and medical office buildings. Juniper Wireless Access Points work in conjunction with Juniper cloud services, driven by Mist AI, to optimize the network user experience and streamline IT operations. The network supports more than 50,000 devices and is designed to scale to many more.

AI-driven operations assure the user experience and simplify network operations. Juniper Mist Wi-Fi Assurance automates wireless operations and simplifies the delivery of predictable, reliable Wi-Fi, with unique visibility into service levels.

Marvis Virtual Network Assistant empowers the IT team with proactive remediation through self-driving actions. Juniper Mist Wired Assurance delivers better experiences for connected devices through AI-driven operations and EX Series Switches deployed at the hospital.

After multiple fiber cuts between the main hospital and an administrative office, NGHS turned to the Juniper AP61 High-Performance Access Point for a mesh backhaul as backup connectivity. The mesh Wi-Fi was up and running in three days—dramatically faster than a new circuit installation.


Continued innovation improves community health

Staff can access clinical and administrative applications over their laptops and tablets from anywhere. Infusion pumps, EKG carts, and telemedicine kiosks are always connected. Physician’s BYOD experience has been vastly improved, and Wi-Fi calling is flawless even in the farthest corners of the hospital.

The hospital’s transition to an AI-driven network was transparent to hospital staff and swift for the IT team. “Juniper Mist was 50% less work to install than other wireless LAN solutions,” says Kristien Kramer, manager of network services at NGHS.

An AI-driven network has measurable operational benefits. “Troubleshooting is simpler,” says Kramer. “Marvis and Mist AI has helped us quite a bit to track down issues with problematic laptops.”

NGHS leadership is committed to using technology to improve patient outcomes as well as the clinician work experience. NGHS is readying the debut of an innovative way to find physicians for consults anywhere in the hospital.

“Our new mobility strategy combines traditional telecom and life-safety functions, and it all rides over our Juniper Mist network,” says Paravate. “It’s an exciting innovation that takes the hassle out of work for our clinicians.”

NGHS can count on Juniper as an innovation partner. “In my career, few vendors are as dedicated as Juniper Mist,” says Paravate. “The Mist engineering and product leadership are highly customer-focused.”

"Juniper Mist was an easier, more robust solution that was compelling enough for us to change wireless platforms."
Chris Paravate CIO, Northeast Georgia Health System
Northeast Georgia Health System Delivers Seamless Connectivity & Improves Patient Care with Mist AI
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Northeast Georgia Health System is a not-for-profit community health system dedicated to improving the health and quality of life. In order to provide the best possible service to patients, NGHS relies on the high-performance capability, low latency and extreme reliability that Juniper’s solution provides. Its Juniper wireless network, powered by Mist AI, allows hospital staff to connect throughout the campus enabling them to focus on secure and reliable patient care.

Northeast Georgia Health System Focuses on Patient Care in All They Do
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Caring for over 1 million people, Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS) is dedicated to improving the health of their community. Hospital staff and clinicians rely on Juniper’s next generation mobility solution driven by Mist AI. Follow Dr. Desai as she navigates throughout her day with a network that is secure and reliable.  

Published August 2021