Everest ISP keeps Ukrainian people in-the-know during the war

One of the largest Internet and TV providers in Ukraine, Everest serves 70% of home Internet users in its region. As the ISP continues to innovate amid the war with Russia, Everest expanded its network to deliver gigabit Internet to apartments, houses, and businesses. A high-performance, reliable, and automated Juniper network is integral to the company’s massive effort to keep people connected.


Company Everest ISP
Industry Service Provider
Products used MX SeriesQFX SeriesJuniper Apstra
Region EMEA
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Customer Success At-a-glance


Market share for residential Internet in its service area in Ukraine

15,000 km

Total length of network

100 Gbps

Redundant connections for core and aggregation networks

10 Gbps

Redundant connections for access networking


The biggest network upgrade for gigabit internet

“We wanted to provide 24/7 Internet access to subscribers for quick retrieval of information from the media, work, and education in war circumstances,” says Nikolay Spektor, CEO at Everest. “To realize this goal, we needed to replace 98% of our network equipment to ensure technical innovation and meet subscriber expectations.”

Ukraine is home to one of the most competitive ISP markets on the planet, with service providers operating under exceedingly difficult conditions. Everest stands out for its ambitious roadmap to have 100% network coverage and offer one-gigabit connections to customers.

Successfully delivering gigabit Internet to residential and business customers depends on the performance, reliability, and simple operations of Everest’s core, aggregation broadband access networks.

Everest ISP Challenge

Connect subscribers with critical information

With a commitment to maintaining a modernized, experience-first network for subscribers, Everest chose Juniper solutions for its network upgrade. It standardized on Juniper QFX5120 switches for redundant, 100-Gbps connectivity for its core and aggregation networks and Juniper MX204 routers for redundant, 10-Gbps connectivity for its broadband subscriber access networks. Back-up generators ensure a steady power supply for Internet services even during blackouts.

“Our technical team is impressed with the capabilities and functions of Juniper’s Junos operating system,” says Spektor. “The QFX5120 delivers significant throughput and has high-density 100GbE interfaces in a compact form factor. The MX204 router meets our energy-saving requirements with its lower power consumption.”

Everest uses Juniper Apstra intent-based networking software to automate and validate the design and operation of its data center networks. “Apstra significantly simplifies IT infrastructure management due to its extensive automation capabilities and convenient visualization,” he says.

Everest and partner ITBIZ worked together to deploy the new network quickly. Familiarity with Junos OS simplified installation, operation, and troubleshooting to ensure the project met its timeline goals.

Everest ISP Solution

Delivering reliable connections and new services in chaotic conditions

Modernizing its network with Juniper has allowed Everest to deliver fast, reliable gigabit Internet in Vinnytsia and Khmelnytskyi in west-central Ukraine. Residential subscribers can consume online content, whether they are watching 4K movies, gaming, working, or learning, and businesses can continue to operate without concerns about connection quality or speed drops, even in crisis conditions.

“Everest provides critical infrastructure in the regions covered by our network, and our responsibility is to provide high-quality and uninterrupted Internet access to our subscribers,” says Spektor. “Using Juniper allowed us to solve challenging technical problems and deliver on this ambitious project.”

Everest ISP Outcome
“We completely modernized our network with Juniper to provide 24/7 Internet access to subscribers in wartime circumstances for the quick retrieval of information.”
Nikolay Spektor CEO, Everest ISP

Published January 2024