Syntrio delivers fast, secure digital services with Texas friendliness

Santa Rosa Communications first brought phone service to Texas farmers and ranchers in the 1950s. With two acquisitions of wireless companies, Pinnacle Network Solutions, and managed service provider, PCnet, the company exemplifies innovation. Still locally owned and operated, but now called Syntrio, the company serves the digital needs of homes and businesses across North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.

The area, known as Texoma, is attracting residents from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and new businesses. Syntrio, which relies on Juniper Networks® from customer premises to core, is primed for growth.


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Modern digital services with friendly neighborhood service

“Security is where we start,” says Seth Tabor, CTO of Syntrio. “Taking a security-first approach helps us deliver services more efficiently to our residential and business customers.”

Tabor has led a multiyear effort to build out a state-of-the-art fiber network to support the delivery of a growing portfolio of residential and business services, including voice, Internet, managed IT services, and commercial Wi-Fi, all with friendly, local customer service.

Security has always been a critical part of the network design, and Syntrio wanted to scale up to next-generation protection as the global cybersecurity situation has underscored the need to deliver secure network services to homes and businesses in Texas and Oklahoma.

“We have seen severity and sophistications of cyberattacks get worse over time,” says Tabor.

Syntrio Challenge

An agile, threat-aware network

Syntrio leverages Juniper Networks MX Series Universal Routing Platforms in its core network, Juniper Networks ACX Series Universal Metro Routers for access and aggregation, Juniper Networks QFX Series Switches in its data centers, and AI-driven wireless in its commercial Wi-Fi offering. Most recently, Syntrio deployed Juniper Networks SRX Series Firewalls with Advanced Threat Prevention to protect its network and data center.

“Visibility is part of our security-first approach,” says Tabor. “If we can’t see what’s happening on our systems and network, then we can’t control and protect it.”

Syntrio’s network is highly segmented, giving the network operations team the visibility and control they need to deliver on service levels while reducing security risks.

“With Juniper, we have best-of-breed firewalls with massive flexibility to microsegment the network the way we want,” he says.

The SRX4100, SRX4200, and SRX4600 platforms provide next-generation firewall features, including intrusion prevention system (IPS), application security, user ID and role-based access controls, and content security. Advanced Threat Prevention delivers comprehensive threat defenses with malware detection that includes discovering threats hidden in encrypted traffic, threat profiling, and SecIntel feeds.

Syntrio Solution

Ready for Texas-sized growth

Syntrio is poised to meet growing customer demand as the Texoma area attracts people looking for room to spread out or jobs in semiconductor manufacturing, distribution centers, and business services.

Syntrio delivers a growing portfolio of residential and enterprise services over its MPLS network. Juniper firewalls protect Syntrio’s operations and business support systems and other applications in its data center. Microsegmentation helps Syntrio protect against software supply chain risks, whether it is using automation with open-source tooling or commercial applications.

The programmability and open APIs of a Juniper network also help Syntrio run its network more efficiently. “We have so many awesome automation opportunities with a Juniper network that are fundamental to our ability to grow,” says Tabor.

Finding talented network engineers is difficult even in big cities, but Tabor is a big believer in developing talent locally. Juniper’s training and certification programs have helped him attract and retain skilled staff. “Every dollar we spend on employee development is paid back in spades,” he says.

Syntrio Outcome
Seth Tabor, CTO, Syntrio
“We’ve built an advanced network with the security, scale, and capabilities that will allow us to support new growth as we connect businesses and homes in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.”
Seth Tabor CTO, Syntrio

Published April 2023