Digital Edge bridges the digital divide in Asia

Digital Edge plans to grow its data center footprint to 500MW in the next five years as it expands to meet the high-growth digital needs of emerging markets in Asia. The Singapore-based company currently operates data centers in Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, and China and is building data centers in India.  

Digital Edge offers carrier-neutral collocation and connectivity services in underserved regions and relies on Juniper networking to deliver high-quality services to enterprise and hyperscaler customers.


Company Digital Edge
Industry Service Provider
Products used MX204QFX5120AP43EX2300EX3400Wireless (Wi-Fi) AssuranceWired Assurance
Region APAC
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Customer Success At-a-glance


Planned growth of data center footprint over five years


Data centers in operation or under construction


Growth enabled by high-performance data center interconnect


Data center collocation and interconnection services in underserved markets


Scale for growth while delivering consistent services across data centers

Digital Edge wanted to deliver the same high-performance, low-latency experience whether a customer was connecting to resources or business partners within the same data center or in other data center locations. A consistent networking platform for both data center cross-connect and interconnect was key to meeting these goals and would also simplify infrastructure engineering and operations.

“Our strategy is to interconnect data centers so that all customers have the same experience across the region regardless of which Digital Edge data center they access,” says Raphael Ho, head of interconnect engineering and operations at Digital Edge. “Digital Edge allows customers to grow their business without limitation. We aim to bring consistent performance, proximity, and data sovereignty everywhere they’re needed.”

These are important objectives given the escalating demand in the region: the data center leasing and collocation market in Asia Pacific is expected to see a 12 percent compound annual growth rate through 2029. India is growing at a similar double-digit rate, according to independent analysts.

Digital Edge Challenge

High-performance, low-latency networking

“Juniper switches and routers met Digital Edge’s criteria for availability, scalability, and manageability for data center interconnect and cross-connect,” says Ho. “Juniper also provides high-density, cost-optimized platforms so we can offer data center interconnect services at a similar price point to cross-connect.”

Digital Edge uses the high-throughput, low-latency Juniper Networks QFX5120 Switch to support cross-connect within a data center.  The Juniper Networks MX204 Universal Router provides flexible, reliable, and operationally simplified interconnections among the company’s data centers. Juniper MX204 routers deliver 400 Gbps of throughput with high-density 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE interfaces, all in one rack unit. The consistency of the Junos operating system across MX routers and QFX switches helps Digital Edge automate network operations and achieve further operational efficiency as its infrastructure grows.

Customers and staff can count on reliable connectivity when working onsite at Digital Edge data centers. Juniper access points and switches work in conjunction with the Juniper Mist cloud architecture to deliver optimized network experiences while streamlining network operations for the Digital Edge staff. The wired network also supports data center facilities management functions, including building management systems and physical security.

Digital Edge Solution

Meet fast-growing demand

“With Juniper, we have a data center interconnect platform that delivers the same high-performance, low-latency connectivity as networking within a data center’s four walls,” says Ho. “It doesn’t matter which data center customers access, because they can connect anywhere in the technology ecosystem at a high speed and affordable price.”

Digital Edge continues to bring state-of-the-art data center collocation and interconnection services to underserved regions across Asia. The company has 17 data centers in operation or under construction, including in Tokyo and Osaka in Japan; Seoul and Busan in South Korea; Manila in the Philippines, and Jakarta in Indonesia. In addition, the company is also expanding into Navi Mumbai in India.

With Juniper networking as part of its technology ecosystem, Digital Edge is ready to meet the massive demand for data center services in emerging markets while achieving service consistency within and among its facilities.

Digital Edge Outcome
“Digital Edge is building a digital foundation to sustain economic growth and empower populations in underserved markets in Asia. Juniper networking helps us deliver scalable customer experiences as we continue to expand.”
Raphael Ho Head of Interconnect Engineering and Operations, Digital Edge
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