With Mist AI, the City of Parkland doesn’t stress about its network

The City of Parkland, Florida, is growing as families seek its highly rated schools, expansive parks, semi-rural living, and convenience to nearby Miami. Some 36,000 people live in Parkland, and city administrators are planning for the influx of another 10,000 - 15,000 residents.  

To provide a fast, reliable, and secure communications foundation to support its growth, Parkland rebuilt its network with a Juniper Mist AI-driven wired, wireless, and SD-WAN solution.


Company City of Parkland, Florida
Industry Government and Non-Profit
Products used Wireless Access PointsEX SeriesQFX SeriesSession Smart RouterWireless (Wi-Fi) AssuranceWired AssuranceWAN Assurance
Region Americas
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Customer Success At-a-glance


Network availability


Rebuild of campus networks, data center fabric, and SD-WAN


Reduction in network-related trouble tickets


Wi-Fi at parks and recreation facilities


A network tear-down

“Parkland was my biggest infrastructure challenge in 25 years,” says Scott Marrone, the city’s IT director. “The IT systems were built when Parkland was small, but we have grown into a midsize city.”  

Marrone wasn’t daunted by the 20-year-old MPLS network, its end-of-life switches, Wi-Fi that was practically unusable, or even the duct tape. Frequent network outages due to thunderstorms didn’t dishearten him. Neither did the near-daily user complaints.

Instead, Marrone set out to reimagine the city’s IT infrastructure from the ground up. “It doesn’t matter if the front porch is comfortable if the foundation of your house is corrupt,” he says. “When you move applications to the cloud, network availability is even more critical.”

He adds: “We are a small IT shop, and we needed to be nimble. We needed a network that can tell us when there are problems and guide us through day-to-day operations. The network needed to be intuitive enough that any engineer can make the necessary changes.”

City of Parkland Challenge

A full-stack, AI-driven network

Marrone teamed up with his trusted technology advisor, MORSECOM, which recommended Juniper Mist.

Juniper wireless access points and switches work in conjunction with the Juniper Mist cloud, driven by Mist AI, to continuously optimize the network experience for Parkland staff at its city hall, municipal complex, fire stations, and public works locations. The city makes free Wi-Fi available to the community at parks and recreation facilities.

Parkland refreshed its data centers to support the growing need for city services like planning and development, finance, fire and police, and public works. Juniper EX Series Switches deliver a scalable, simple, and efficient network fabric for the city’s applications and citizen services.

The SD-WAN, powered by the Juniper Session Smart Router, delivers fast, secure connectivity among the city’s locations. Advanced, zero-trust security is built in. Juniper SSR Series Routers at each site have redundant connections to deliver resilient connectivity – even during thunderstorms and other unforeseen events.

City of Parkland Solution

A worry-free network

“With Juniper Mist, we have a network that’s elastic and self-healing to handle the future growth of Parkland,” says Marrone. “We don’t worry about the network anymore.”

The network just works, he says, and delivering new IT services to support the community is simpler. Juniper Mist cloud services automate and streamline wireless, wired, and SD-WAN operations. The Marvis Virtual Network Assistant empowers the IT team to proactively solve issues before they are problems. Marrone notes, for example, that Marvis quickly identified bad cabling during installation of new security cameras, allowing for an immediate fix.

“Transforming the network wasn’t easy, but we did it with minimal impact to the business,” says Marrone. Working with MORSECOM, Parkland did a complete rip-and-replace, installing a brand-new Juniper Mist network in its offices and data centers over a single weekend.

“We couldn’t have gotten the network to where we are today without MORSECOM and Juniper Mist,” says Marrone. “We can deliver a better digital experience to our city workers and our community.”

City of Parkland Outcome
“The Juniper stack is transformative. Knowing that we needed to rebuild the entire city network from scratch, it only made sense to go with Juniper.”
Scott Marrone IT Director, City of Parkland, Florida

Published November 2023