VolkerWessels relies on AIOps to deliver client-to-cloud connectivity

VolkerWessels Telecom offers high-quality digital infrastructure and connectivity services to its customers, which include communications service providers, manufacturers, railways, and energy companies.

A division of the Dutch construction giant VolkerWessels, the managed service provider relies on Juniper’s full-stack AI-driven network solution to deliver on its "total connectivity” services vision.


Company VolkerWessels Telecom
Industry Telecommunications
Products used Wired AssuranceWi-Fi AssuranceWAN AssuranceSession Smart Router
Region EMEA
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Customer Success At-a-glance


Customers in the Netherlands connected by AI-driven SD-WAN

Deliver deterministic, optimized end-user experiences from client to cloud

Granular network visibility and automation simplify operations

Simple, effective security for a secure access service edge


Extend ‘smart’ connectivity to the WAN

VolkerWessels wanted to extend its managed network service, built on the Juniper Wired Access and Wireless Access solution, to include AI-driven routing and SD-WAN. Smarter, more agile WAN services would deliver on VolkerWessel’s vision to provide client-to-cloud connectivity to customers and to support its own business operations.

“We wanted to build a total connectivity service for our clients as well as for our own use,” says René Lutjenkossink, ICT architect at VolkerWessels Telecom. “We needed to deliver optimized network experiences with insight, automation, and action from client to cloud.”

VolkerWessels Telecom Challenge

Full-stack AI-driven network solution

The Juniper SD-WAN solution, driven by Mist AI, allows VolkerWessels to provide connectivity to its clients that ranges from indoor wired and wireless on their campuses to WAN services linking their private data centers and cloud services.

AI-driven insights and automation of key elements of the full network stack allow VolkerWessels to deliver a better end user experience to its customers and its own employees.

VolkerWessels uses the Juniper Session Smart Router to create an application-aware SD-WAN fabric that meets stringent performance, security, and availability requirements. The Session Smart Router overcomes the inherent inefficiencies of conventional SD-WAN setups with a tunnel-less architecture. This results in a significant reduction in infrastructure and bandwidth costs. Zero trust session integrity allows VolkerWessels to safeguard customers and their devices.

Juniper Mist AI and Juniper cloud services, including Mist Wi-Fi Assurance, Mist Wired Assurance, and Mist WAN Assurance, optimize user experiences and simplify operations across network domains.

VolkerWessels Telecom Solution

Visibility from client to cloud

Visibility into the network experience from client to cloud helps VolkerWessels deliver a better experience to its customers as well as its own employees.

When network issues do arise, the VolkerWessels team can use AI-driven insights and actions for quicker resolution.

“Troubleshooting is easier when you have visibility into the complete stack,” says Lutjenkossink. “When a user has a problem, we can see whether it’s on the SD-WAN, a switch port, or the Wi-Fi, or if there’s something else in the chain that’s disrupting the experience.”

Client-to-cloud visibility permits VolkerWessels to operate network services more efficiently for customers, including optimizing network capacity. “With access to telemetry data on the Juniper network, we can see how much bandwidth is really being used, and scale up and down as needed,” he says.

Next, VolkerWessels will deploy the SD-WAN to support customers and its own operations in Germany and Belgium. 

VolkerWessels Telecom Outcome
"Full-stack visibility from client to cloud has contributed to end-user satisfaction for our ‘total connectivity’ services."
René Lutjenkossink ICT Architect, VolkerWessels Telecom
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Volker Wessels Relies on Juniper's AI-Driven Solutions to Deliver "Total Connectivity"

Michelle Breugelmans, Service Delivery Manager at Volker Wessels Telecom describes the challenges of being a service provider today, and how Juniper Networks' solutions help to deliver "total connectivity".

 Published June 2022