Icelandair Elevates Their Customers’ Experience with Juniper

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A female airline airline staff member returns a passport to a male passenger who is checking in to his flight.

Icelandair relies on Juniper Networks to provide seamless customer service.

Customer experiences are directly tied to your business’s success. Watch this video to discover why Icelandair partnered with Juniper Networks to ensure its customers have excellent experiences that extend beyond their flight, from making a worry-free reservation to arriving smoothly at their destination.

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper simplifies Icelandair’s complex operations

  • How partnering with Juniper lets Icelandair design high-performance, reliable, and scalable networks

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0:03 Powerful.

0:06 Beautiful.

0:09 Serene.

0:12 Iceland is a place where nature dominates and where people adapt.

0:16 In the process, they form communities and emotional connections.

0:21 Life here is simpler. It's an environment so enticing

0:26 over two million people from all over the world visit each year.

0:30 Icelandair brings them here and makes the entire experience seamless and memorable

0:36 from operating the airline to managing Keflavík Airport in Reykjavík.

0:41 What these travelers don't see is the monumental complexity behind each and every trip.

0:46 From reservations to on the ground logistics to departures,

0:51 which is why Icelandair chose to partner with Juniper Networks.

0:55 From the beginning when our customers book a flight until they reach their destinations,

1:01 Juniper is an essential part of the process.

1:08 Juniper allows us to design high performance reliable and scalable networks.

1:17 Icelandair is more than just a carrier.

1:21 They're an ambasador to the country and they're a steward of their environment.

1:26 And with Juniper they're sharing with the world the simplicity of this enchanting place.

1:46 Juniper Networks Engineering Simplicity

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