Christian Gilby, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Juniper

AI & IoT for Network Security & Scalability

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Network security and scalability

What does 2024 have in store for network operations and security?

Christian Gilby, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Juniper, shares his top predictions for network operations and security in 2024. Learn how you can improve the speed, security, and scalability of your network.

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You’ll learn

  • How network operations will be upgraded, specifically in the areas of network security and management, network access control, IoT, and user experience learning in networking

  • What’s in store for AIOps innovation in 2024

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Christian Gilby Headshot
Christian Gilby
Senior Director of Product Marketing, Juniper


0:00 over the past year we've witnessed

0:02 businesses face what seems like a

0:05 NeverEnding List of Demands on their

0:06 networks whether it be improved security

0:09 speed or

0:11 scalability with more options becoming

0:13 available than ever before businesses

0:16 that evolve their Network infrastructure

0:18 will reap the rewards in

0:20 2024 those who transition to the cloud

0:24 will see network access control make a

0:26 significant comeback synergizing with AI

0:29 Ops and aligning more cohesively with

0:32 Cloud applications for more Integrated

0:35 Network Security and management

0:37 simultaneously iot will witness deeper

0:40 integration into access points and

0:42 gateways within Network infrastructure

0:44 in

0:45 2024 enhancing scalability and making

0:48 iot Integrations fundamental in

0:51 leveraging the network to boost outcomes

0:54 businesses will also witness the

0:55 evolution of client user experience

0:58 learning in networking facilitating

1:00 cross-domain troubleshooting and

1:02 application Integrations enhancing the

1:05 overall Network application performance

1:08 and ultimately delivering amazing user

1:14 experiences expectations will drive AI

1:16 Ops Innovation the explosion of iot

1:20 devices and bandwidth heavy apps and

1:23 services including the growth of AI

1:25 across Enterprise and consumer markets

1:28 will coincide with the migration to WiFi

1:31 6E now and later the emergence of Wi-Fi

1:35 7 as such 2024 will be marked as the

1:38 year of gearing up to deliver a reliable

1:42 and high performing experience to every

1:44 device connection and user although the

1:48 real adoption of Wi-Fi 7 is anticipated

1:50 to Surge in

1:52 2025 vendors have to begin harnessing AI

1:55 Ops to simplify and optimize Wi-Fi

1:58 networks now taking advantage of the

2:01 expansion to the 6 GHz Spectrum with

2:04 Wi-Fi

2:05 6E at the same time ultra wideband

2:08 technologies will transition from being

2:10 Niche to mainstream finding their place

2:12 in Enterprise equipment and heralding a

2:15 new era of connectivity with broader

2:17 bandwidths faster transmission speeds

2:21 without these moves vendors will fall

2:22 behind and need to play catch

2:28 up

2:35 [Music]

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